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2004 Rieussec

By Chateau Rieussec

2004 Rieussec from Chateau Rieussec, Sauternes, Bordeaux

In the pantheon of sweet wines, Sauternes stands out as the Zeus of the genre, and among its Olympian ranks, the 2004 Rieussec from Chateau Rieussec asserts itself with a particularly memorable gravitas. This vintage comes from a year known for its capriciousness, one that starts with great promises in spring only to challenge the vines with a testing summer and autumn.


2004: A Vintage That Defied Expectations

Shaped by a year that began benignly but unfurled a siege of mixed conditions later on, 2004 proved to be a trial by nature's whim for many in Bordeaux. Careful management and patient harvesting, when botrytis cinerea—the noble rot—graced the grapes just so, led to an execution that speaks of virtuous resilience. Consequently, the 2004 Rieussec from Chateau Rieussec triumphed through adversity to deliver a wine of both complexity and longevity.


Character In A Bottle: The Hallmarks Of The Harvest

Entering the olfactory realm, one is greeted by an exquisite bouquet of apricot preserves touching on honeyed almond highlights; these are traits that articulate this particular harvest's succinct balance between opulence and elegance. On tasting, there's an orchestration of marmalade, quince jelly and ripe nectarine, draped over a frame of refined acidity – creating an exquisite tension that leads to a languorous finish.

As investment-worthy bottles go, the clout of this 2004 vintage has steadily climbed. Timing and talent combined harmoniously at Chateau Rieussec to craft this exemplar Sauternes, securing its place as one of the satisfactions for fine wine investors with an acumen for notable vintages.


A Synthesis of Expertise And Element

The luxuriant harmony found in the 2004 Rieussec from Chateau Rieussec is a testament not only to the vintners' prowess but also to the mercurial climate’s benevolence at crucial moments. It’s the narrative written into each glassful—the narrative of a chalice crafted against the odds—making it an essential addition to any serious collection and a thrilling subject for wine investment discourse.

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Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #176


A very complex nose of honey, coconut and minerals. Superb fruit concentration on the palate with good weight and cohesion. Citrus fruit, honey. Good length. This really shows its class. Like the other 2004`s, not a unctuous wine, but refined and pretty. Excellent. Tasted April 2005.

Neal Martin - Wine Advocate - Wine Journal


The 2004 Rieussec is a blend of 89% Semillon, 9.5% Sauvignon Blanc and 1.5% Muscadelle picked between 16 September and 4 November. It has a more introverted bouquet than the 2005 with dried mango, honey, white flower and lanolin. The palate is medium-bodied with a viscous opening, lightly spicy with an almost chutney-like element that makes the finish so enjoyable. It is not the most complex Rieussec in recent years, but there is harmony and freshness here in abundance. Enjoy over the next 15-20 years. Tasted April 2016.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 31 January 2017

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