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2007 Rieussec

By Chateau Rieussec

2007 Rieussec from Chateau Rieussec, Sauternes, Bordeaux

The 2007 vintage in Sauternes was a harmonious consort of nature's elements and winemaker's acumen, yielding a harvest that brought Chateau Rieussec's formidable status into stark relief. The year's climatic conditions conspired to enhance the botrytis (noble rot) – the alchemy behind Sauternes' legendary sweet wines.


Tempered Zeal: The Harnessing of Elements

The 2007 Rieussec is a testimonial to the winery's signature finesse in balance and complexity. Autumn's dance between wet mornings and sunny afternoons engendered an exemplary environment for the grapes to develop their sought-after concentration and sweetness. While each Sauternes vintage weaves its own tale, 2007 stands out for its particularly exquisite interplay of honeyed opulence and vibrant acidity, echoing across one's palate with tenacity reflective of its storied terroir.


An Investment in Ambrosial Excellence

When it comes to fine wine investment, certain vintages rise above mere trend to become treasured commodities. In the case of the 2007 Rieussec from Chateau Rieussec, collectors and connoisseurs are bestowed with an elixir that marries both lush decadence and poised elegance. This juxtaposition is underscored by undulating layers of ripe apricot, candied citrus peel, and a subtle interjection of spiced ginger – a luxurious blend that resonates with an underpinning of mineral-laden grace.

In sum, the investment allure of the 2007 Rieussec lies not solely in its pedigree but also in its distinct identity shaped by an exceptional season in Sauternes. It emerges as a benchmark for the vintage, encapsulating all that is magical about this minute yet majestic Bordeaux region. Sensuous yet structured, engaging yet enigmatic; this is a wine whose narrative transcends the ordinary, presenting discerning investors with a prized addition to their portfolio.


Connoisseur’s Conclusion

To delight in the 2007 Rieussec from Chateau Rieussec is to uncover a chapter of viticultural virtuosity set in liquid gold. As time unfurls its narrative thread, this vintage is destined only to increase its allure, offering both a sensorial journey and an astute investment stride.

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Tasted single blind against its peers. The Rieussec 2007 has a subtle nose of dried honey, pear, a touch of quince and crushed stone on the nose, the oak better integrated than last year. The palate is well-balanced with stem ginger and honeycomb on the entry. It is linear compared to its peers, there is no flourish on the finish as yet, but it has fine definition and hints of tangy marmalade and lemongrass that should become more accentuated with time. Tasted January 2011.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate #199


The 2007 Rieussec is a blend of 87% Semillon, 4.5% Muscadelle and 8.5% Sauvignon Blanc picked between 13 September and 31 October. It has an almost Barsac-like bouquet with barley sugar joining the ginger and honeyed notes, quite powerful although I feel this is just going through a sullen patch at the moment. The palate is very pure and balanced with a wonderful seam of acidity that slices through the viscous botrytis fruit, quite spicy on the finish, although it does not possess the persistence of the 2005 or 2009, just cutting away swiftly. Tasted April 2016.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 31 January 2017

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