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2010 Rieussec

By Chateau Rieussec

2010 Rieussec from Chateau Rieussec, Sauternes, Bordeaux

The beacon of Sauternes, Chateau Rieussec has once again manifested its mastery in the art of fine sweet wine with the 2010 Rieussec. This vintage stands as a testament to an idyllic growing season within the Bordeaux region, graced by nature's magnanimous hand to gift us with conditions that have accentuated the noble rot so crucial for Sauternes' luscious allure.


Vintage Virtue: The 2010 Rieussec's Unique Character

An opulent symphony of botrytized complexity, the 2010 Rieussec carries with it the full panoply of aromatics one has come to anticipate from such a pedigreed estate. From the first gentle swirl in the glass, one is enveloped in a cornucopia of apricots, honeycomb, and candied ginger. Yet, there is something remarkably distinctive about this year's expression – a vivacious acidity that propels the 2010 vintage into the echelons of extraordinary vintages, enlivening the palate amidst its decadent sweetness.


A Harmonious Investment: When Climate and Craft Converge

The harmony between climate conditions and winemaking craft has rendered the 2010 Rieussec not just a liquid marvel but an exemplar for wine investment. Set against a backdrop of meticulous care and expertise, this vintage demonstrates how environmental factors marry with grower’s acumen to create wines that resonate with investors and connoisseurs alike.

It is without hesitation that I assert the investment worthiness of the 2010 Rieussec. For collectors looking to enhance their portfolio with a wine of distinguished charm and age-worthy potential, this particular Sauternes from Chateau Rieussec presents not only a delectable choice but an astute alliance of sensory pleasure and fiscal shrewdness.

The crescendo of our sensory journey culminates in an opera’s worth of complexity; notes perform with astonishing balance – each sip unfolds layers that tell the tale of their terroir-driven genesis. The resonant finish seems interminable, leaving behind echoes of toasted almonds and tropical fruit; it’s an ending that bids you return time and again.

In summation, the 2010 Rieussec is a captivating example from Chateau Rieussec that promises delight for those gracious enough to taste it now and those patient enough to watch it evolve. A radiant jewel in Sauternes' crown and an illustrative chapter in the manuscript of fine wines worthy of ample consideration for acquisition.

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I love the botrytis spice character to this wine with dried apricots and tropical fruits. It’s full bodied, medium sweet with a long intense finish. It’s very layered. Sweet wine of the vintage.

James Suckling -, April 20th 2011


Sporting 140gms/L residual sugar, the 2010 Rieussec displays impressive clarity on the nose, with fresh pineapple, grapefruit and a touch of lime flower, and tangible minerality. The palate has that “Tropicana” vibe with guava, almond and pineapple that slightly obfuscates the terroir towards the finish. This is a highly enjoyable, comparatively rich 2010 Sauternes, but without the intellect of some of the finest examples of the vintage.

Robert Parker Jr - Wine Advocate - Wine Journal


Pale to medium lemon-gold in color, the 2010 Rieussec is evolving at a good clip, boasting roasted nuts, toffee apples and dried apricots scents with hints of beurre blanc, manuka honey and candle wax. The palate is a powerhouse of sweetness, with soft acidity and loads of savory/nutty layers, finishing on a praline note.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 5 March 2020

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