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2013 Rieussec

By Chateau Rieussec

2013 Rieussec from Chateau Rieussec, Sauternes, Bordeaux

In the realm of dessert wines, Chateau Rieussec holds an exalted position, with its 2013 Rieussec vintage presenting a particularly compelling chapter in the estate's storied history. This year brought with it a set of meteorological challenges across Bordeaux, leading to a harvest that was both precarious and providential for those with the sagacity to navigate it.


Climate's Capricious Caress on the 2013 Vintage

The conditions of 2013 were defined by a late flowering followed by a markedly uneven growing season. Yet, sometimes it is through such viticultural trials that true character emerges, and this is ever so evident in the liquid gold essence of this offering. The discerning investor may note that while yields were lower for Sauternes in this year, the concentration and complexity of the 2013 Rieussec benefited significantly from this caprice of nature.


Uncorking Investment Potential: The Connoisseur's Ledger

Upon uncorking, an ethereal bouquet betrays notes of candied apricot, acacia honey and a whisper of warm ginger — a prelude to the symphony of flavours that grace the palate. The year's sun-suffused days interspersed with mist-laden mornings have imbued this nectar with a delightful tension between opulence and elegance; a viscosity teetering on perfection, balanced by a sotto voce acidity that promises longevity in both structure and appeal for astute collectors.

With such intrinsic quality, the 2013 Rieussec from Chateau Rieussec becomes not just a pleasure to imbibe but also a judicious addition to any investment cellar, standing out among its vintner’s illustrious lineage.


Sauternes' Testament to Trials Overcome

In summary, where lesser wines might have faltered under the climatic strife, the 2013 Rieussec has emerged triumphant; a testament to Chateau Rieussec's deft artistry and terroir transparency. A discerning investor would be well advised to secure holdings now amidst an appreciative market that reveres both the story and substance of such vintages.

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The grand vin from Chateau Rieussec is a blend of 95.5% Semillon and 4.5% Sauvignon Blanc picked between September 26 and October 31 over four tries through the vineyard (although some blocks took more than that). The nose is a little closed at the moment, with light honey and a touch of marmalade. The palate is very well-balanced, very tense and focused with superb mineralite toward the lightly viscous finish. This is a classy number, a pretty Rieussec in the making.

Neal Martin - Wine Advocate #212 Apr 2014


The 2013 Rieussec is a blend of 96% Semillon and 4% Sauvignon Blanc picked between 26 September and 31 October. It has a simple, slightly resinous bouquet, a little more malic than usual. The palate is better than the nose, well balanced and harmonious with brioche and honeycomb-tinged fruit. It is so pleasant that you wish the aromatics would pull up their socks. Drink over the next 15 years or so. I wager that this a vintage destined to be outshone by the 2012. Tasted April 2016.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 31 January 2017

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