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1986 Chateau Suduiraut

By Chateau Suduiraut

1986 Chateau Suduiraut, Sauternes, Bordeaux, France

Dipped in the golden hues of autumnal sunrise, the 1986 Chateau Suduiraut from Chateau Suduiraut stands as a testament to the exceptional climatic conditions of the Sauternes region in a year that favoured the sublime concentration of flavours. The wine offers a magnificent snapshot into an illustrious era for Bordeaux sweet wines, capturing an indulgent balance peculiar to this memorable vintage.


Decadence Defined: A Vintage to Treasure

It would be remiss to discuss investment in fine wines without mentioning the tangible allure held within bottles such as the 1986 Chateau Suduiraut. This particular year saw an optimal end-of-season climate, allowing botrytis cinerea - noble rot - to develop with precision across the vineyard, concentrating sugars and acidities without compromising the integrity of the grapes.

On pouring, one is immediately struck by its rich amber glow. The nose offers a remarkable tapestry of candied apricot, honeyed figs and a hint of toasted almond – fragrances that promise depth. Upon tasting, waves of marmalade and crème brûlée meet aged oak nuances – daring complexities that speak to astute collectors and connoisseurs alike.


The Carriage of Time: Supreme Ageing Potential

With over three decades elapsing since its descent into bottles, the 1986 Chateau Suduiraut from Chateau Suduiraut remarkably retains spirited vivacity. One can appreciate how time has majestically woven tertiary notes through its primary opulence, creating layers of taste that only maturity can bestow upon a Sauternes.

I encourage consideration of this extraordinary vintage as more than a sensory delight; it is a durable asset worthy of space in any serious wine investor's portfolio. Its lasting power on both palate and market has demonstrated amply why the 1986 Chateau Suduiraut illustrates one of the pinnacles of viniculture artistry from Sauternes, Bordeaux. Each sip evokes not merely pleasure but echoes the quiet sophistication inherent in privileged collections – truly, a vintage that continues to evoke admiration and desire amongst aficionados.

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I would have expected Suduiraut to be outstanding in 1986, but it is not. It is very good, but this wine should have been a classic. Plump, rich, honeyed, pineapple, coconut, and buttery fruit flavors abound in this full-bodied, rich wine that falls just short of being profound. It is muscular and rich, but it is missing an element of complexity that I found in many other 1986s. Also, is it possible that the 1986 Suduiraut has less botrytis than the other top examples from this vintage? Anticipated maturity: Now-2008. Last tasted, 3/90.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 31 December 1997

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