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1996 Chateau Suduiraut

By Chateau Suduiraut

1996 Chateau Suduiraut from Chateau Suduiraut, Sauternes, Bordeaux

The distinguished 1996 Chateau Suduiraut from the famed producer in the Sauternes appellation harmonises the vagaries of climatic conditions into a symphony of liquid gold. Worthy of meticulous examination and unhurried savoring, this particular vintage stands as a beacon for fine wine investors and connoisseurs alike.


A Year Of Pinnacle Performance

Delving into the intricate weave of the 1996 vintage, one must note that it was a year draped in favourable meteorological grace. The early onset of botrytis was precipitated by mists and warmth, crucial components in crafting Sauternes’ coveted elixir. This perfect storm gave birth to grapes exuding optimal concentration, matched by vibrant acidity – a duo that portends excellent aging potential.


The Sensorial Tapestry of an Exceptional Vintage

On the palate, the 1996 Chateau Suduiraut unfurls layers of lusciously ripe apricot, tangy marmalade, and honeyed almonds. With time, a kaleidoscope of tertiary aromas emerge; nuances reminiscent of saffron-studded pecan pie, interlaced with threads of ginger that add depth and intrigue. Its sumptuous yet impeccably balanced sweetness is anchored by a persistent, clean finish, demonstrating a finesse that is inherently Suduiraut.

Investing in this fine Sauternes vintage means embracing a fortuitous blend of ardour and patience. The 1996 Chateau Suduiraut's ability to mature with grace promises an attractive proposition for long-term cellaring—a key consideration for any astute wine portfolio.


A Venerable Vintage Beckons Investment

In summary, the 1996 Chateau Suduiraut from Chateau Suduiraut offers a nuanced and lustrous exemplar of what the Bordeaux region can accomplish under idyllic circumstances. Its careful orchestration of sweet vibrancy and complexity ensures its position as one of the more enticing investment opportunities within the historical tapestry of fine wines from Sauternes.

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This is a green, lean, tart style of Suduiraut with spicy oak dominating its otherwise indifferent aromatics. Anticipated maturity: 2001-2014.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 April 1999

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