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2010 Chateau Suduiraut

By Chateau Suduiraut

2010 Chateau Suduiraut from Chateau Suduiraut, Sauternes, Bordeaux

The heralded 2010 Chateau Suduiraut from Chateau Suduiraut represents an impeccable alignment of nature's grace and human artistry, a liquid tapestry woven from the golden threads of a particularly prodigious Bordeaux vintage. My tryst with this alluring potion extends beyond mere appreciation; it is an enduring affair that involves a meticulous year-on-year study of the winemaker's craft under the varying whispers of the seasons.


Deciphering a Decade’s Distillation

The 2010 vintage in Sauternes was marked by conditions that flirted with perfection, yielding a crop of commendable concentration and balance. The unique climate of this year brought forth an exemplary noble rot, the Botrytis cinerea, ennobling the grapes with coveted complexity. Such triumphs over the seasons fortify one's conviction in Sauternes as a choice wine investment.


Embarking on an Oenological Odyssey

On the palate, the 2010 Chateau Suduiraut expresses an opulent bouquet, redolent with apricot jam, candied ginger, honey and a fascinating undercurrent of citrus zest – a quintessential celebration of its terroir. You'll discover layers unfolding with each sumptuous sip; a testament to the mastery of Chateau Suduiraut's winemaking pedigree.

The texture is luxuriously dense yet punctuated by refreshing acidity, articulating the wine's capacity for graceful ageing. A decade has woven into this vintage a beguiling complexity and richer hues of gold—a patina only time could bestow.

In conclusion, the 2010 vintage from Chateau Suduiraut marries the excellence sought by fine wine enthusiasts with the potential cherished by savvy investors; each bottle encapsulates both a remarkable tasting journey and a tangible asset fit to adorn any collection destined for greatness. Patience will be handsomely rewarded for those who choose to lay these bottles down, as the narrative of their evolution promises yet more chapters of sensorial delight.

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Pale to medium lemon-gold colored, the 2010 Suduiraut features quite a savory nose with notes of lightly browned toast, salted almonds, nutmeg and cinnamon over a core of crème caramel, pear tart and peach cobbler. The palate is decadently sweet, concentrated and unctuous with soft acidity and a spicy finish.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 5 March 2020

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