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2020 Chateau Suduiraut

By Chateau Suduiraut

2020 Chateau Suduiraut from Chateau Suduiraut, Sauternes, Bordeaux

The 2020 Chateau Suduiraut from Chateau Suduiraut stands as a testament to the resilience and the adaptive craftsmanship inherent in one of Bordeaux's most storied sweet wine producers. This vintage reflects a singular charm even amid the challenges posed by climatic extremities that define contemporary viticulture.


The Quintessence of 2020: A Culmination of Skill and Weather

In an ordinary year, Sauternes is a battle against nature’s whimsy, necessitating precise timing to harness the noble rot that imparts the region’s signature sumptuousness. Yet, the 2020 season threw an exceptional gauntlet before vintners. Despite this, the 2020 Chateau Suduiraut exemplifies the estate's ability to produce a wine imbued with magical opulence even when nature seems capricious.

It is a concoction of misty mornings and balmy afternoons, wrapped up with an artisan’s touch. The vibrant acidity is distinctive of this vintage; it energizes the palate with a vivacious edge, ensuring that each sip bears a freshness rare in such indulgent sweetness.


An Investment in Liquid Gold

This investment-grade nectar suggests careful cellaring for those inclined towards nurturing fine wines towards their zenith. The 2020 Chateau Suduiraut balances illustriously on a tightrope of tangy stone fruits and warm honeyed notes. A chorus of toasted almond and delicate saffron whisper through its complex profile, culminating in a serene finish that proposes longevity and grace.

Its regal golden hue mirrors not just the luxurious essence captured within each bottle but also mirrors the golden opportunity it represents for investors. With supply invariably outpaced by demand in extraordinary vintages, seeking allocation of this wine is akin to securing an asset as precious as the liquid itself.

Rich in character, layered with a patina of thoughtful winemaking under extreme circumstances, the 2020 Chateau Suduiraut from this legendary estate beckons connoisseurs and investors alike. It is an offering poised to leave an indelible mark on palates while promising reward for those collectors patient enough to let its story unfold with time.

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Made from 100% Semillon, the 2020 Suduiraut is being aged for 16 to 20 months in French oak barrels, 50% new. It has 14% alcohol and 137 grams per liter of residual sugar. Pale to medium lemon-gold in color, aromas of pineapple upside-down cake, green mango and peach preserves tumble effortlessly out of the glass, followed by hints of honeycomb, preserved ginger and allspice. The palate is rich and decadent, delivering a seductively oily texture and just enough freshness to lift the long, spicy finish.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 20 May 2021

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