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2020 Chateau Branaire Ducru

By Chateau Branaire Ducru

2020 Chateau Branaire Ducru from Chateau Branaire Ducru, St-Julien, Bordeaux

The vintage of 2020 at Chateau Branaire Ducru offers a beacon of sophistication amongst its peers in the celebrated appellation of St-Julien. Unravelling the tapestry of this particular year's offering takes one on a sensory pilgrimage to a chateau that has consistently bestowed upon us wines of cerebral complexity and elegance.


An Exemplary Year for the Connoisseur and Investor Alike

Famed for their aromatic clarity and impeccable structure, the 2020 vintage proves to continue the celebrated lineage with grace. In a year that asked much of its vintners - navigating climatic caprices with skill - it is these very conditions that have sculpted the 2020 Chateau Branaire Ducru into an investment-worthy artefact; a vintage crafted by contradiction, echoing resilience yet endowed with a nuanced delicacy.


A Vintage Carved by Contrast

Profound in both aroma and palette, the 2020 release merges ripe blackcurrant and subtle cherry nuances overlaid with a hint of violet - reminiscent of St-Julien's characteristic bouquet. On the palate, one discovers a rich tapestry of layered complexity – sinewy tannins that forecast a magnificent ageing potential, interwoven with an acidity that promises longevity. Such vitality is juxtaposed with a plush texture that whispers of meticulous vinification from Chateau Branaire Ducru.

This wine, while carrying the gravitas expected of its heritage, distinguishes itself through its remarkable balance amidst adversity; it is redolent with ripened fruits and possesses an oaken spine which will afford it excellent ageing prospects – perhaps one of the most salient factors for fine wine investors.

The 2020 Chateau Branaire Ducru is not merely another superb entry into the chronicles of fine Bordeaux wines; it is an emblematic testament to the mastery inherent at Chateau Branaire Ducru. Vintage 2020 stands poised at the cusp of greatness - reflective of both the estate’s steadfast philosophy and the unexpected narrative written by nature itself. In sum, an astute acquisition for connoisseurs seeking to embellish their collection with a wine that is bound to unfurl beautifully over time.

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The 2020 Branaire-Ducru displays a deep garnet-purple color and pronounced blackcurrant cordial, plum preserves and boysenberries scents, plus hints of sautéed herbs, unsmoked cigars and graphite. The medium-bodied palate has a lot of verve, delivering appealing tension among the tightly wound black fruits and grainy tannins, finishing with an herbal lift.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown - The Wine Advocate, 20 May 2021

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