Domaine Leroy   Clos de la Roche Grand Cru

2001 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru

By Domaine Leroy

2001 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

In the pantheon of Burgundian viticulture, few names evoke reverence quite like Domaine Leroy. The 2001 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru from Domaine Leroy is, unequivocally, a vintage that reflects the culmination of terroir, talent and tenacity. This vintage is distinguished by the complexity and finesse that only a Grand Cru vineyard, masterfully tended by Lalou Bize-Leroy, can procure.


Remarkable Vintage, Remarkable Wine

Mirroring the illustrious history of its producer, the 2001 vintage in Burgundy experienced nuanced weather patterns that resulted in wines with remarkable balance and depth. At Clos de la Roche, an exceptional site with a mosaic of soils rich in limestone and marl, these conditions led to a concentration of aromas and a tannic structure that promises longevity—a key aspect for fine wine investors.


The Essence of 2001 in a Glass

Upon decanting, the 2001 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru beguiles with an opulent bouquet—dark cherries intermingle with earthy undertones and a whisper of truffle—an aroma profile that is delightfully intricate. Pinot Noir’s quintessential elegance shines through with a palate that couples ripe berry fruitiness with the structure indicative of this storied vineyard; silky yet profound tannins guide one through a deftly extended finish.

The season's moderate warmth imbued the grapes with ample phenolic maturity without forgoing freshness. This wine integrates such precision with unparalleled sophistication. It is indeed an exercise in balance—ripe yet assertive, powerful yet delicate.


An Investment-worthy Burgundy

Twenty years post-vintage and the 2001 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru from Domaine Leroy is entering a splendid window of drinkability. For collectors and investors alike, it represents not only a memento from an exceptional harvest but also an asset with potential for appreciable value over time. Firm acidity and resolved tannins suggest that this venerable Burgundy still harbours potential for future delight—a cellar cornerstone.

To savour this vintage is to experience a momentous chapter in the narrative of Burgundy. Each sip of the 2001 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru reaffirms Domaine Leroy's reputation for crafting wines that are not merely consumed but cherished—a fine testament to the confluence of terroir and human touch in shaping vinous history.

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As is often the case, Leroy’s Clos de la Roche was a standout in the 2001 vintage. Its beguiling aromatics burst forth, displaying spicy, jammy cherries and raspberries. Deep plummy red fruits, black raspberries, juniper berries, cinnamon, and a myriad of other spices can be discerned in its gorgeously deep, muscular personality. Lush, expansive, and concentrated, it is a medium-bodied wine with a long, tannin-filled finish. Projected maturity: 2006-2013. Madame Lalou Bize-Leroy liked both the 2000 and 2001 vintages, stating that she was “rather pleased with the 2001s as they will bring lots of joy to those who drink them young” and that the 2000s “are candied fruit, reduction of fruit, the essence of fruit.” Many Burgundians chose to bottle their 2001 early in order to “trap” the fruit in the bottle, but Bize-Leroy beat them all to the punch, having completed the bottling process by early September, 2002. Typically an early bottler, Mme. Bize-Leroy felt that the 2001s would lose their fruit to either oxidation or the required sulfuring if left in the barrel for a longer elevage. Overall, Domaine Leroy’s 2001s are a success, though many were found to reveal stemmy, woody tannin in their finishes. If this characteristic melts away quickly, my scores on those wines will appear overly conservative. Importer: Martine’s Wines, San Raphael, CA; tel. (415) 883-0400

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2003

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