Domaine Leroy   Gevrey les Combottes

1995 Gevrey les Combottes

By Domaine Leroy

1995 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

Delving into the 1995 vintage of Burgundy is akin to navigating a treasure-studded landscape, each bottle a unique jewel with its own tale. At the forefront is the 1995 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy, an offering that exemplifies the domain's unwavering commitment to terroir expression and viticultural excellence. This particular vintage stands as a testament to the meticulous creation of fine wines under Lalou Bize-Leroy's watchful eye.


An Inimitable Expression of Terroir

The 1995 vintage in Burgundy was marked by an earlier harvest, following a rather sunlit and dry August, setting the stage for well-ripened grapes. The resulting 1995 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy materialised as a refined elixir, boasting ideal balance and structure that can only result from such optimal ripening conditions. Its powerful tannins and fruit complexity command attention, enveloping the palate with layers of dark cherry, earthy undertones, and a whisper of spice - a profile emblematic of Gevrey-Chambertin at its finest hour.


A Vintage That Invites Savouring

Several decades on, the 1995 Gevrey les Combottes has blossomed into an alluring beauty; its poised evolution underscoring the longevity and investment appeal this wine possesses. At this stage in its maturation, secondary notes of truffle, leather, and sous-bois have emerged, bringing added depth and intrigue to each sip. Age-worthy and distinguished - attributes savvy investors prize highly - this vintage continues to offer an exquisite journey across the taste spectrum.

The 1995 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy presents an invigorating opportunity for fine wine collectors. Its rich tapestry of flavours and unwavering ability to age with grace position it as a must-have for any serious investor's portfolio. Reflecting on decades of Burgundian excellence evidently concentrated in each bottle, it is no hyperbole to state that this vintage stands as one of the illustrious high points of Domaine Leroy's esteemed repertory.

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The exciting Gevrey-Chambertin Les Combottes (50 cases) reveals aromas of cinnamon, deeply roasted and spicy fruits, and a huge, velvety-textured palate that offers fabulously ripe chewy red fruits and Asian spices. Rich and full-bodied, drink this super wine between 2004-2012. This note is the result of tastings I did in Burgundy between January 7 and January 29. The wine was tasted from cask, not bottle. Pinot Noir, a fragile varietal, reacts poorly to fining, filtration, and careless bottling techniques, I recommend caution when considering buying a red burgundy based on cask samples. I called it as I tasted it, and hope the bottled wine reflects the quality of the samples I was provided. I have included the cases production for the wine in order for readers to appreciate the rarity of Leroy's wines. Importer: Martine's Wines, San Raphael, CA; tel. (415) 485-1800.

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 26 June 1997

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