Domaine Leroy   Gevrey les Combottes

1996 Gevrey les Combottes

By Domaine Leroy

1996 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

A beacon of Burgundian excellence, the 1996 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy offers a sublime snapshot into a vintage that has etched its name into the annals of viticulture history. The venerable Lalou Bize-Leroy presides over Domaine Leroy with an enigmatic blend of tradition and visionary zeal, leading to creations that are fervently sought after by oenophiles and fine wine investors alike.


A Distinct Expression of an Extraordinary Year

The narrative of Burgundy's 1996 vintage is one of initial trepidation followed by triumph. An unusually late harvest due to the capricious climate laid down a gauntlet for vintners; yet those of mettle, like Domaine Leroy, turned potential adversity into an asset. The resilience and focused vineyard management yielded grapes with astoundingly high acidity paired with ripe, concentrated flavours – a dichotomy that translates into 1996 Gevrey les Combottes' remarkable aging potential and complex palate structure.


Oenological Alchemy in Every Sip

The climatic idiosyncrasies of 1996 are reflected poignantly in this Gevrey-Chambertin. On the nose, the 1996 Gevrey les Combottes captivates with its bouquet of dark cherries, earthy truffle and an underpinning of minerality – hallmark signs of a terroir-driven Leroy masterpiece. On the palate, it orchestrates a symphony of mature tannins and vivacious acidity that dances lithely, affirming the longevity and stature that investors prize. The finish is an opulent affair, lingering with grace and assurance.

Now approaching its apogee yet promising further evolution, this wine presents an alluring investment opportunity. Discerning collectors would be well advised to contemplate the addition of 1996 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy to their portfolios; its storied provenance and exceptional vintage characteristics stand as a testament to Burgundy's enduring legacy.


An Enduring Invitation

In closing, I extend an enduring invitation to delve into the distinct attributes of this exquisite nectar. The 1996 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy resides as an emblem of an illustrious vintage, manifesting not only as a pinnacle of viticultural craftsmanship but also as an astute addition to any fine wine investment collection.

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The wine could possibly be described as tannic. It is a saturated, medium-to-dark-colored wine. Aromatically revealing blackberries, cassis, violets, and Asian spices dusted with cinnamon, this backward, tightly-wound, and introverted wine is a bruiser. It is powerful, highly-structured, massively-concentrated, foursquare, full-bodied, masculine, and jam-packed with stewed blackberries, plums, earth and rock-like flavors. It should be at its peak between 2004 and 2010. Importers: Martine's Wines, Inc., San Rafael, CA; tel (415) 485-1800, and Paterno Imports, Chicago, IL; tel (847) 604-8900.

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 30 August 1998

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