Domaine Leroy   Gevrey les Combottes

1997 Gevrey les Combottes

By Domaine Leroy

1997 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy

The 1997 vintage in Burgundy stands as a beacon of intrigue amidst the storied history of the region. It was a year that confounded critics with its unpredictably early harvest and variable weather conditions. This backdrop casts the 1997 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy in a particularly unique light, offering investors a distinct chapter in Burgundy’s rich tapestry.


A Vintage's Voice: The 1997 Mark

In the grand spectrum of Burgundian wine, the 1997 vintage was one marked by winemaker's acuity and vine's adaptability. Unlike its illustrious predecessors, these wines were not afforded the luxury of slow maturation on the vine. Instead, they speak of the viticulture's prompt response to early ripening, a narrative deftly woven into each bottle of 1997 Gevrey les Combottes.

The skill of Domaine Leroy, renowned for its terroir-centric philosophy, becomes ever more evident with this vintage. The wine presents a convivial bouquet where ripe red fruits and earthy undertones play pivotal roles, tethered harmoniously by the estate’s sagacious handling of oak.


Tasting Notes: A Confluence of Climatic Peculiarities

The robust character you might expect from a traditional Gevrey-Chambertin is softened in this rendition, suggesting a congenial approachability even as it ages. There is an alluring balance between its resolved tannin structure and the opulent fruit core, kissed lightly by autumnal spices and a distinctive minerality – an ode to the hallmark limestone bedrock of the region.

The 1997 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy showcases an evolutionary arc that holds potential for further complexity and integrates seamlessly with esteemed wine investment portfolios alongside its contemporaries from more lauded years.


Summation: Investment Calibre Embodied by Time and Terroir

In summing up, this particular bottle encapsulates both a snapshot of climatic adversity and triumphant vinicultural craftsmanship. For collectors fascinated by vintages that defy expectations or those looking to diversify with inventively ripe maturity periods, the investment quality of the 1997 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy becomes glaringly apparent - a wine assuredly poised to reward those willing to unearth its allure amidst Burgundy’s vast offerings.

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The dark colored 1997 Gevrey-Chambertin Les Combottes reveals over-ripe red fruits and spices in its richly aromatic nose. Loads of glycerin can be found in this broad, feminine, immensely flavorful, and awesomely persistent wine. Tar, licorice, black cherries, and blackberries make up this full-bodied offering's flavor profile. Importers: Martine's Wines, Inc., San Rafael, CA; tel (415) 485-1800, and Paterno Imports, Chicago, IL; tel (847) 604-8900.

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 29 October 1999

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