Domaine Leroy   Gevrey les Combottes

1999 Gevrey les Combottes

By Domaine Leroy

1999 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

Unearthing the finesse of a truly sumptuous vintage, the 1999 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy emerges as a standout symbol of Burgundian mastery. My many years sampling the terroir-driven triumphs of this region have seldom led me to a wine of such intricate distinction as encountered in this hallowed harvest. This vintage beckons the astute investor with its historical narrative tightly coiled within each majestic sip.


A Year of Providence and Precision

The 1999 vigneron's odyssey was met with grace and auspicious climatic benevolence, bestowing upon Domaine Leroy's parcels an equilibrium scarcely seen. This serendipitous alignment of nature's elements conspired to conceive a vintage layered with complexity and textured longevity—a jewel in Burgundy’s eminent pantheon.


Investment-worthy Elegance

The nuance born of this particular year offers investors an enigmatic blend of robustness and subtlety that is at once a marvel. The 1999 Gevrey les Combottes articulates its pedigree through opulent notes of dark cherries, interwoven with whispers of earthy undertones and an ethereal truffle essence—an emblematic stamp of the Domaine Leroy lineage.

Reaching its apogee with grace, the 1999 Gevrey les Combottes from Domaine Leroy represents an exquisite investment opportunity for connoisseurs seeking to enrich their collection with a wine whose profile speaks resoundingly of its unique voyage through time and terroir.


The Quintessence of Vintage Individuality

Each contemplative quaff reveals meticulously preserved tannic structure cradling a mature yet vibrant heart—a testament to the winemaking prowess that has charted Domaine Leroy’s ascent among the echelons of viticultural royalty. The wine whispers tales of its ancestral soil, proffering collectors a piece of Burgundian history encapsulated within every bottle.

To savour the 1999 Gevrey les Combottes is to engage in a timeless dialogue with the winemaker's soul—an experience magnified by an understanding that such an encounter is reserved for only the most esteemed palates and portfolios. In the grand tapestry of fine wine investment, this Gevrey-Chambertin is one to secure with confidence and pride.

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The medium to dark ruby-colored 1999 Gevrey-Chambertin Les Combottes has a dark roasted berry-scented nose. This glycerine-packed, medium to full-bodied wine is crammed with blueberry, vanilla, oak, and blackberry flavors. It has an awesome, oily-textured mouthfeel, and a powerfully flavored and structured character. Projected maturity: 2005-2015+. Importer: Martine's Wines, San Raphael, CA; tel. (415) 485-1800.

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 30 August 2001

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