Domaine Leroy   Latricieres Chambertin

1997 Latricieres Chambertin

By Domaine Leroy

1997 Latricieres Chambertin from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

One is often compelled to speak of Burgundy with a reverent whisper; such is the stature this region commands in the world of viniculture. At its epicentre of enological achievement rests the 1997 Latricieres Chambertin from Domaine Leroy. This vintage offers a splendid glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship and climatic serendipity that converged upon the vineyards in the late 90s.


A Vintage Sculpted by Seasons

The year 1997 was marked by a generous growing season that was warmer than usual but avoided the heat spikes that can beleaguer Burgundy's delicate Pinot Noir grapes. As a result, the 1997 Latricieres Chambertin reflects a balance - an articulate expression of its terroir, the kind that makes Burgundian hearts skip a beat. Inheritance from this mild climate is found in the layers of complexity and texture especially pronounced in this wine’s profile.


Assured Ageing, Artful Investment

Renowned for their formidable longevity, wines from Domaine Leroy have consistently graced the cellars of fine wine investors. It is no surprise then that the 1997 Latricieres Chambertin confounds expectations with its beautifully integrated tannins and preserved fresh fruit overtones that welcome maturity as an old friend rather than a stern adversary.

Approaching a quarter-century of age, this wine remains resolute in its structural fortitude, revealing hints of undergrowth and truffle interweaving seamlessly with vestiges of cherry and currant accentuated by time’s gentle hand. As it unfolds on the palate, one notes how gracefully it has evolved – espousing an unfaltering elegance that whispers promises of further gratification should patience permit.

In contemplation of wine investment - one searches for confidence and excellence; both are emblematic here. The 1997 Latricieres Chambertin from Domaine Leroy encapsulates an exceptional chapter not just for the vignerons who crafted it or for those fortunate enough to have savoured it upon release, but now too for those whose prudence guides them to procure it.

The narrative of finesse woven by this exceptional Burgundy ensures collectors and connoisseurs alike are captivated. A testament to vintage distinction and refined investment maturation - the 1997 vintage stands firm as a venerable touchstone amidst Domaine Leroy's illustrious lineage.

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The dark ruby/purple-colored 1997 Latricieres-Chambertin displays floral, lively sweet blackberry, cherry, and plum aromas. On the palate, baked plums, tobacco, spices, and cedar can be found in this concentrated and backward wine. It has superb depth, power, and complexity, yet is presently tightly wound and firm. Projected maturity: 2005-2012+.

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 27 October 2000

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