Domaine Leroy   Latricieres Chambertin

2003 Latricieres Chambertin

By Domaine Leroy

2003 Latricieres-Chambertin from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

In the pantheon of Burgundy's finest terroirs, the 2003 Latricieres-Chambertin from Domaine Leroy commands a reverent hush amongst oenophiles. This particular vintage stands as a testament to the estate's unswerving commitment to typicity and excellence, even amidst the climatic anomalies that year.


An Exceptional Vintage from Domaine Leroy

The year 2003 was, by all accounts, an outlier; a summer of searing temperatures that brought about an early harvest and conferred upon the grapes a degree of ripeness seldom seen in this northerly clime. This circumstance summoned an extraordinary response from the vines of Latricieres-Chambertin, yielding a wine imbued with both power and finesse—attributes not often whispered in the same breath when speaking of Burgundy.

The deep garnet nectar, cradled within bottles of Domaine Leroy's 2003 offering, exudes a rare concentration of dark berries, undercut by the ethereal nuances one expects from such pedigreed soil. Aromatic complexities tease the olfactory senses with hints of seasoned leather and damp earth—a connoisseur’s tapestry woven with threads of matured tannins and a lingering fineness on the palate. As it unfolds, this 2003 vintage reveals itself as opulent yet meticulously structured—a genuine artefact of its extraordinary vintage.


Fine Wine Investment and Provenance

The acumen required to discern investment-worthy wines is not unlike that needed to appreciate their sensorial composition. The 2003 Latricieres-Chambertin is one such example where connoisseurship and savvy investment intersect—a rare jewel in the realm of fine wine collecting. With Domaine Leroy’s solid reputation for producing wines that stand the test of time, this spectacular vintage promises not only an enriched experience for the senses but also holds potential for appreciation in value over time.

In sum, the 2003 Latricieres-Chambertin from Domaine Leroy emerges as a paragon of its vintage—a harmonious mélange of intensity and delicacy—that offers both immediate enjoyment and promise for those who choose to wait. For investors and collectors alike, capturing this extraordinary expression of Burgundian terroir offers an opportunity to partake in an exceptional chapter of vinous history.

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Flowers, red cherries, and raspberries can be detected in the glorious nose of the medium to full-bodied, ample, rich, plush, pure 2003 Latricieres-Chambertin. A feminine, angle-free wine, this fresh, expressive beauty displays loads of dark cherries, bacon, and blackberries. Its elongated finish exhibits copious firm yet ripe tannin. Anticipated maturity: 2008-2017. Represented by Leroy, Inc., San Rafael, CA; tel. 415-457-4811, various importers, including Martine’s Wines, Novato, CA; tel. (415) 883-0400; Stacole Imports, Boca Raton, FL; tel. (800) 741-7791; Lauber Imports, Somerville, NJ; tel. (908) 725-2100; and MacArthur Beverages, Washington, DC; tel. (202) 338-1433

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 28 August 2005

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