Domaine Leroy   Nuits St Georges aux Boudots

2008 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots

By Domaine Leroy

2008 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots from Domaine Leroy, Burgundy, France

The spellbinding 2008 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots from Domaine Leroy harks back to a vintage in Burgundy that was met with bated breath and now remembered for its refined, cerebral offerings. As the seasons danced between coolness and warmth, fostering an extended ripening period, those casks tended with precision yielded a concoction of remarkable intricacy and flair.


Vintage Virtuosity: A Study In Elegance

In the glass, the 2008 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots is a masterclass of subtlety interwoven with intensity. One could ponder if the tumultuous journey of this vintage, which saw climatic caprices end in a serene September harvest, carved deeper nuances into its profile. Domaine Leroy's vigilant stewardship has encouraged an evolution that's both poetic and precise – a tapestry of dark berries and fine tannins speaking to the unique challenges and triumphs of 2008 in Burgundy.


A Harmonious Mélange: Composure and Complexity

On the palate, there thrives an equilibrium between taut structure and supple fruit—a testament to the alchemy between terroir and time. The arresting minerality of this Nuits St Georges aux Boudots is like a whispered secret from the earth below, a feature that has become more pronounced as the wine matured. It is evident that in a less opulent dress than some vintages wear, this 2008 presents more cerebral drinking; it requires an investment—not just of capital but of attention—to truly appreciate its myriad layers.

Optimum cellaring has coaxed out a velvety texture that complements the dark cherry core, subtle oak inflections add whispers of spice without dominating. To uncork this bottle is to unveil wisdom; it's intricate without being impenetrable, profound without pomposity.

For investors seeking poetry in their portfolio, adding the 2008 Nuits St Georges aux Boudots from Domaine Leroy promises not only appreciation over time but an experience that transcends mere consumption. In investing terms, one might draw parallels to acquiring a refined piece of art; its worth calculated not solely in gain but in the pleasure derived from its existence within your collection.

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Pungently spicy, zesty, and seeming almost to harbor a pinch of horseradish, Bize-Leroy’s 2008 Nuits-St.-Georges Les Boudots demonstrated the need for air to dissipate a slight reduction. Tart-edged, tiny red currant and black berry along with concentrated, saline smoked meat stock on the palate are the perfect foil for all of the wine’s spiciness, zest, as well as a dark piquancy of fruit pits and smokiness of black tea that take on increasing prominence en route to a staining and invigorating finish. This gripping, energetic Pinot is far from the subtlest or most refined of Leroy 2008s, but its impressive virtues should merit following for the better part of two decades. Lalou Bize-Leroy reports average 2008 Pinot Noir yields of 13 hectoliters per hectare, almost absurdly tiny even by her singular standards. Malos were a bit later than usual but were finished by summer, and the wines bottled – as usual – in December. Yet – also as usual – if their development was thereby in any way stunted, you certainly won’t detect it in the bottle today! The best of these display a sense of transparency; levity; and – even when rich and head-spinningly complex – a sheer sense of refreshment and invigoration that I have seldom encountered in other great wines from these sister estates. (Please note that my account of the complete 2007 red collection at Leroy was published in issue #189.) Importer: Martine’s Wines. Novato, CA; tel. (415) 883-040

David Schildknecht - The Wine Advocate, 28 June 2010

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