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Boisset Group/Artemis Group


Côte de Nuits, Burgundy


Francois Pinault

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30,000 bottles



Interesting Fact

The Clos de Tart is a true ‘clos’ in that it’s contained completely within one wall, which is to shortly undergo a period of restoration and reassembly.

Mommessin   Clos de Tart


Founded in 1865 by Jean-Marie Mommessin, this maison is formed of ancient stone buildings originally belonging to the Abbey of Cluny. Its key, the Key of St Peter, subsequently became the famous house emblem.

The family have been producing a large variety of wines ever since (up to 15m bottles per year) but it was in 1932 that their name made Burgundian history, when they purchased the Clos de Tart monopole in the commune of Morey-Saint-Denis in the Cote-d’Or.

With a history that goes back nearly 1,000 years, and at just 7.5 hectares, this parcel of land is responsible for the vines that create one of the most revered wines in Burgundy. The Mommessin family (now fifth-generation) have since sold their original winemaking and negociant business to the Boisset conglomerate – although the Mommessin name remains on the label – but have retained ownership of the Clos de Tart.  “We sold our négociant business so we could care for this jewel,” they said in 1997, when they made the sale.

They have since sold Clos de Tart to the Artemis Luxury Group, owned by Francois Pinault who also count Chateau Latour, Christie's and Gucci under their banner.

Investment Overview

Mommessin, under ownership of Boisset, produces a wide range of pleasing and affordable wines, but when in an investment context the family’s pride and joy – the Clos de Tart – is the obvious focus.

Prices have, on average, more than doubled in the period between 2007 and 2014, with some stand-out vintages contributing to the brand’s overall value. The 2010, awarded 97 points by Robert Parker, has demonstrated peaks and troughs but ultimately provides an excellent points-to-pounds ratio, while the 2009, at a marginally lower 95+ points, offers a slightly more affordable route to this famous wine without sacrificing quality.

With the recent acquisiton by Artemis and an outstanding 97-99 point score for the 2016 from The Wine Advocate, it remains outstanding value when compared to its peers and is a serious one to watch.

Wines Overview

Mommessin Clos de Tart

Known widely simply as ‘Clos de Tart’, Mommessin’s jewel combines the strength of a Chambertin with the elegance of a Musigny, and according to critic Michel Bettane, “can please both the hedonists who are looking for immediate pleasure and the aesthetes who are immediately aware of its refined texture and delicate tannins”. A consistent 90+ wine.

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