Ponsot   Clos de la Roche Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru

1990 Clos de la Roche Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru

By Ponsot

1990 Clos de la Roche Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru from Ponsot, Burgundy, France

A year etched into the annals of Burgundy for producing wines of profound complexity and longevity, 1990 stands out as a remarkable vintage. The 1990 Clos de la Roche Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru from Ponsot encapsulates the very essence of this excellent harvest, a testament to the adept handling by Domaine Ponsot – a bastion of traditionalism in the region.


A Vintage that Defies Time

The climatic conditions of 1990 handed winemakers in Burgundy an advantageous blend of warm days and cool nights, setting the stage for optimal phenolic ripeness while maintaining desirable acidity levels. Ponsot’s mastery is apparent in their terroir-expressive offering; a wine that three decades on, still enchants with its youthful vigour.

Born from gnarled vines that have deeply entwined themselves with the limestone-rich soils, this bottle conveys concentration and elegance simultaneously. On the nose, it unravels layers of black cherries accompanied by a forest floor complexity and an ethereal Vosne-like perfume – indicative of its sublime genealogy.


Investing Beyond Labels

In the realm of fine wine investment, certain bottles rise above trends and market fluctuations. The 1990 Clos de la Roche Vieilles Vignes Grand Cru from Ponsot is such an exemplar, offering a splendid fusion of land and lineage. Discerning investors not only acquire liquid history but become custodians of a dwindling tapestry of vintages that continue to thrive beyond expectations.

On the palate, it suggests silk woven by time; tannins are resolved yet present, creating a backbone for the multitude of nuanced flavours to cling to – Moroccan spices, cured meats, and an insistent note of cherry liqueur interlace in a dance that retains vitality and power.

In summing up, Ponsot has anchored its legacy deeply within the soulful earth of Clos de la Roche, and the 1990 vintage is an exemplification of this bond. For the connoisseur seeking an archetypal experience or the investor hunting for treasures bound to accumulate in prestige and value, this luminous vintage stands at the zenith – a precious jewel amidst stones.

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This is a prodigious effort. Given recent perplexing offerings from this producer, it is amazing how phenomenal Ponsot's wines can be. The 1990 exhibits a deep, dense, murky, ruby color as well as an explosive nose of gravel, spring flowers, and black and red fruits. Extremely rich and full-bodied, with spectacular concentration, an unctuous texture, and an extraordinarily long finish, this wine remains youthful, but its fat and succulent texture are hard to resist. It should age effortlessly for another 10-15+ years. This is an amazing effort, even in such a great vintage!

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 31 January 2002

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