Ponsot   Griotte Chambertin Grand Cru

2013 Griotte Chambertin Grand Cru

By Ponsot

2013 Griotte-Chambertin Grand Cru from Ponsot, Burgundy, France

The exceptional 2013 Griotte-Chambertin Grand Cru from Ponsot blossoms as an exquisite articulation of the storied terroirs of Burgundy. A challenging year for Burgundy with a late start and hailstorms, the perseverance of the vines and deft skill of the vignerons has culminated in a vintage that delivers delightful surprises. As one navigates through the year's offerings, this bottle stands as a testi̇mony to resilience and adaptability.


Resilient Vintage, Rare Elegance

In 2013, Burgundy witnessed a myriad of climatic hurdles that reduced yields but concentrated flavours. A maturity curve less predictable than in more clement years has rendered the harvest a treasure hunt. The Griotte-Chambertin Grand Cru from Ponsot invites investors and connoisseurs alike to explore its finite wonders: a limited investment-grade liquid asset fostering exclusivity. It commands attention on any refined wine portfolio.


A Mosaic of Red Fruit and Earthy Undertones

On the palate, this Grand Cru is a seamless marvel, integrating a mosaic of red fruit with subtle earthy undertones characteristic of the Griotte vineyard's expressive geology. The profound nose wafts with spirited aromas of wild cherry and ripe strawberry, underpinned by a delicate spiciness and rich humus complexity – hallmarks of its climat and age-worthy structure. There is an ethereal balance here, with poised acidity maintaining freshness, keen tannins lending grip, and an oak ageing process that frames, rather than overwhelms, the wine's intrinsic character.

The 2013 Griotte-Chambertin from Ponsot carries its heritage with valour, hinting at further dormancy within these storied cellars. Patient collectors can expect this vintage to unfurl layers of intricacy over time. However, even now it promises to grace any serious Burgundy aficionado's glass with both subtlety and poise – a true representation of nature's bounty shaped by human artistry.


A Sophisticated Acquisition for Discerning Palates

In fine wine investment discourse, the name Ponsot resonates with quality and authenticity. When considering the vagaries of climates past and grappling with nature's will – each vintage narrates its own tale; the 2013 Griotte-Chambertin Grand Cru is certainly one whispering of rarity and prestige in a collector's vault. It is undoubtedly an acquisition that speaks to discerning palates seeking substance interlaced with storied provenance.

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The 2013 Griotte-Chambertin Grand Cru has a tightly wound bouquet with blackberry, touches of mulberry and briary. It is a relatively "conservative" Griotte compared to others tasted from barrel. The palate is medium-bodied with a gentle grip in the mouth. A little fuller than the Charmes-Chambertin '13 with fine backbone, this feels chewier, but with plenty of substance on the finish. This is a gutsy Griotte, but it will mellow by the time it is bottled.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 29 December 2014

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