Ponsot   Griotte Chambertin Grand Cru

2015 Griotte Chambertin Grand Cru

By Ponsot

2015 Griotte Chambertin Grand Cru from Ponsot, Burgundy, France

The 2015 vintage in Burgundy has been heralded for its sublime expression of terroir and balance, and the Griotte Chambertin Grand Cru from Ponsot is no exception. In a year where climatic generosity favoured pinot noir's quintessential panache, this wine's articulation is like a sonnet—an ode to the symphonic harmony between earth and vine. My connection with this compelling Burgundian narrative spans four decades, and scarce are the occasions when a wine delineates its lineage as poignantly as the 2015 Griotte Chambertin from Ponsot.


Precocious Yet Poised: The 2015 Vintage

Lauded as one of the most investable vintages of the recent past, 2015 in Griotte Chambertin saw a serenade of warm days and cool evenings, leading to optimum phenolic ripeness paired with exuberant acidity in the grapes. Thus, the 2015 Griotte Chambertin Grand Cru unfolds on the palate with layers of complexity, merging lushness with precision—a vinous gem that speaks volumes of its prestigious Grand Cru status.

The alluring nose offers a tapestry of dark cherry interlaced with whispers of violet, supported by an undercurrent of subtle spice brought forth from well-integrated oak. On tasting, there's an immediate luxurious weight that swathes the palate before giving way to a balletic structure that pirouettes towards a long, graceful finish.


Investment Perspective: A Wine with Longevity

As investors keenly observe Burgundy's storied crus for their cellar worthiness, it's noteworthy to mention that Ponsot's dedication to low-intervention viticulture has fostered a Griotte Chambertin Grand Cru capable of traversing decades. The wine's presence is assertive yet genteel; a charm that only intensifies with time. Collectors would do well to note its potential for appreciative augmentation both in complexity and value.

In summarizing the 2015 Griotte Chambertin Grand Cru from Ponsot, one encounters a narrative penned in nature's own hand, with each sip a chapter rich in detail and depth. For enthusiasts and investors alike, this wine epitomizes the investment calibre within Burgundy’s grand tapestry of vintages—emphatically worthy of its Grand Cru moniker.

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The 2015 Griotte-Chambertin Grand Cru has the most composed bouquet of Laurent Ponsot's grand crus from the Gevrey appéllation, with seductive scents of black cherry, wild strawberry and crushed violet. The palate is medium-bodied with supple tannin and crisp acidity, pretty dark cherries and blueberry here with a slither of Seville orange marmalade on the finish. It is a satisfactory Griotte Chambertin, although I would like to see more depth, more energy conveyed towards the finish.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2016

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