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1988 Bollinger R.D.

By Bollinger

1988 Bollinger R.D. from Bollinger

In a champion's parade of vintages that hail from the grand marque Bollinger, the 1988 Bollinger R.D. by Bollinger stands out for its arresting panache and composure. Immortalized by its impeccable savoir-faire, this exceptional champenois showcases the triumphant spotlight of 1988's climatic balance.


An outstanding vintage for the discerning investor

The vintage of 1988 is a revered one within the pages of Champagne's history as it boasted periods of essential rainfall followed by delightful sunny spells, culminating in perfect grape maturation. As a result, the 1988 Bollinger R.D. is emblematic of the thriving resilience and intriguing elegance bestowed upon it by Mother Nature, making it an undoubtedly winsome wine investment opportunity.

This champagne flutters to life with its striking aromatic complexity of honey, candied fruits, and spicy undertones wrapped within an effervescent caress. The sensual Pinot Noir dominance emboldened by a generous measure of Chardonnay creates a surprising symphony of flavours ripe for exploration on the palate.


An investable treasure time-crafted to perfection

The pivotal element distinguishing the 1988 Bollinger R.D. from other vintages lies in the unique practice of Récemment Dégorgé or 'Recently Disgorged', denoted by the 'R.D.' in its name. This prolonged ageing on lees provides an intricate interface between oxidative and reductive characteristics rendering further depth and complexity).

This spectacular champenois encapsulates its year of birth with unerring precision whilst highlighting Bollinger's unbridled commitment to integrity and quality. The sheer vibrancy belies its advanced years, betokening a brilliance that can be further held or enjoyed now, portraying it as one of the most exciting examples of mature Champagne for fine wine enthusiasts and shrewd investors alike.

The 1988 Bollinger R.D., like a masterly curated art piece, resonates with ornate tales of its creation - a timeless testament to the harmonious synergy between climate, vineyard, winemaking skill, and patient maturation. It is a classic reference point for those seeking the pinnacle of investing in fine champagne.

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