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1996 Bollinger R.D.

By Bollinger

1996 Bollinger R.D. from Bollinger

The year 1996 was a particularly notable one for Bollinger's R.D label, marking an exceptional expression of the house's tireless pursuit of perfection. While R.D—or Recently Disgorged—continuously sustains notable acclaim, the 1996 Bollinger R.D. stands impressively apart in its bravura performance.


Savouring the Vintage, A Regal Experience

The 1996 vintage gracefully dances the fine line between majesty and anticipation. The wine displays a taut, sculpted structure that speaks to a resplendent moment in Champagne's storied history. Vines flourished under a spectacular summer sun, which ripened the grapes to perfection and gave them an opulence rarely seen.

The end product is the embodiment of purity and strength. A deep golden hue introduces you to ripe orchard fruits, roasted nuts, and delicate brioche notes—a steadfast testament to its well rewarded patience.


An Extraordinary Encounter with Time

The most striking feature of this wine comes with its extra maturation sur lie, enabling the 1996 Bollinger R.D. to develop powerful depth of flavour and immense complexity. Traits amplified by the favourable climatic circumstances of '96 - a sturdy winter, warm spring and gloriously hot summer melding together leading to a fortuitous early harvest.

This dynamic interaction with time etches an element of vibrancy and vivacity into the wine that can be tasted even decades later, making it an outstanding investment opportunity for those drawn to precise harmony between richness and acidity.

The trajectory of this brilliant masterpiece is not only upward—it seems almost celestial. The 1996 Bollinger R.D. is a compelling showcase of age-worthy Champagne's greatness. In essence, sipping it is like tasting a piece of history— unearthing wine investment wisdom sip after contemplative sip.



In Summation: A precious gem in any cellar

Capturing a moment in time, simultaneously distant yet still completely within grasp, the 1996 Bollinger R.D. is indeed one of the finest expressions from the house of Bollinger. It represents an unrivalled instance where creativity, ambition and circumstance conspire to shape something genuinely extraordinary—an ultimate emblem of fine wine investment wisdom.

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