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2000 Bollinger R.D.

By Bollinger

2000 Bollinger R.D. from Bollinger

The majestic 2000 Bollinger R.D. from Bollinger, with its breathtaking sophistication, transcends the usual excellence expected from the illustrious house of Bollinger. The 2000 vintage claims an exclusive position among all Bollinger vintages with its distinguishing prowess and allure.


Unraveling Unprecedented Uniqueness

Generously contributing to this renown is the dynamic climate of the year 2000 - millennial weather extremes of frost in April and sudden heatstroke in mid-September, adding a heartening complexity to the grapes.

These exceptional weather patterns resulted in a pinot noir-led blend, bracingly accented by Chardonnay and Meunier varietals. The result is a formidable offering that exquisitely balances power with delicacy, leaving its mark on any discerning palate.


Taste: The Testament of Time

The 2000 Bollinger R.D. from Bollinger weaves an absorbing narrative through taste; cueing an expressive nose of baked apples, honey, and toasted brioche, effortlessly segueing into provocative undertones of vanilla and spice.

It is remarkable that despite spending over two decades on lees, this wine retains an exhilarating freshness. It unfolds on the palate with streaming minerality cutting through voluptuous citrus and stone fruit flavors - a testament to the remarkable longevity of this vintage.


An Astute Investment: The 2000 Bollinger R.D.

A crucial consideration for those considering fine wine as a form of investment is that quality wines generally appreciate well - their value ascending with the spiral staircase of time. Given the superlative nature of this expression and the high acclaim it has received globally, this vintage can be viewed as a potential 'blue-chip' in any thoughtful wine collection.

In its charismatic embodiment of the extremes of the year 2000 climatic conditions lies an intriguing tale - one that spirally ascends with each sip, teasing palates while simultaneously appreciating as a potential investment asset.

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