Bollinger   Bollinger RD

2002 Bollinger R.D.

By Bollinger

The 2002 Bollinger R.D. from Bollinger

In the pantheon of remarkable champagnes, the 2002 Bollinger R.D. from Bollinger stands out as a beacon of elegance, showcasing an impressive display of Bollinger's winemaking prowess, fully complemented by that particular year's exceptional conditions.


The Grandeur of the 2002 Vintage

The year 2002 was a dream for vintners in France's Champagne region. Ideal weather conditions during the growing season allowed for optimum grape ripening - a factor now palpably manifesting itself in this mesmerising vintage. The 2002 Bollinger R.D., in particular, possesses an exquisite distinction, highlighting it as a wise investment selection for discerning enthusiasts.

The wine gracefully integrates power with finesse, possessing an alluring intensity that commands attention and respect in equal measure.


Ageworthy Elegance and Complexity

Marvelously matured yet remarkably fresh, the 2002 Bollinger R.D. is a study in balance. The deftness of its delicate bubbles is perfectly matched by a stunning depth of flavours that speak eloquently of the vintage's quality.

From the captivating nose promising green apples, candied citrus, and delicate toasted notes to the complex palate endorsing impressions of roasted nuts, honey, and brioche; one can't fail to appreciate the wine's exceptional finesse and vibrancy.

This complementarity between opulence and vibrancy underscores the ageing potential of this champagne. It's no overstatement to suggest that these bottles will continue to evolve and impress for many years to come.


A Champagne Investment that Sparkles

Investment-wise, this vintage occupies a sweet spot offering both maturity and longevity. Given its standing among champagne aficionados and professionals alike and considering its limited availability with passing time, serious investors might want to secure this prized asset in their portfolio. The dazzling quality partnered with its potential for benefits makes the 2002 Bollinger R.D. from Bollinger a monumental treasure worth cherishing.

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