Bollinger   La Grande Annee

1988 La Grande Annee

By Bollinger

A Wine Collector's Crown Jewel: 1988 La Grande Annee from Bollinger

The crème de la crème of masterful viniculture, the 1988 La Grande Annee from Bollinger showcases the pinnacle of Cháteau Bollinger's winemaking fortitude. One can discern the character of expression unique to the confluence of climate, soil, and expert human hand—the ‘terroir’—shaping the uniqueness of this celebrated vintage.


1988 Vintage: A Story Unforgettable

The 1988 vintage entered into existence as an anthem to climatic perfection, defining its individuality among other Bollinger vintages. Characterised by a notoriously dry but frosted winter, followed by a birth-giving spring and warm summer, the vintage gave rise to a grape harvest of unparalleled quality at Bollinger Vineyards.

The unique juxtaposition of climate and conditions awarded the 1988 vintage its distinctive complexity, eloquently reflected in each bottle of La Grande Annee. Undeniably providing excellent investment potential, it is a worthwhile addition to any discerning oenophile's collection.


Distinct Traits of the 1988 La Grande Annee

The 1988 La Grande Annee truly encapsulates its birth year's weather story within each savored sip. Bright aromas of green apple and toasted brioche bewitch the olfactory, leading to a palate awash with notes defined by their depth and harmony. A boundless undercurrent of minerality echoes the Bollinger terroir and adds an additional layer to the rich tapestry of flavors that make up this exquisite champagne.

The excellence of this effervescent elixir lies equally in its enduring elegance as it does in its aging potential; tucked away in the cellars, it appreciates in both value and pronounced flavor complexity.


A Quintessential Investment Gem

The collector’s treasure, the 1988 La Grande Annee from Bollinger is not just notable for its extraordinary taste profile but also ranks high as an investment asset in the world of fine wine investments. As years roll by, just like its deepening flavors, its value too surges forward rising to be one of the notable profit-generating entities for wine investors.

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Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 22 December 1994

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