Bollinger   La Grande Annee

1996 La Grande Annee

By Bollinger

1996 La Grande Annee by Bollinger

The 1996 vintage has been a remarkable year for champagnes, and the 1996 La Grande Annee from Bollinger is no exception. It captures the iconic finesse of Bollinger intertwined with the distinct vivacity unique to that particular year.


A Quintessential Vintage

The exceptional character of the 1996 harvest brought forth champagnes of unparalleled calibre. The early frosts of spring were swiftly removed in favour of a warm summer, providing excellent conditions as the vineyards awoke from their winter slumber.

In this rare vintage, the versatility of Bollinger’s vineyards bore blissfully ripe Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. This endowed the 1996 La Grande Annee with unparalleled aging potential, capturing the fine wine investors' gaze.


Taste of Timeless Elegance

Savouring a glass of the 1996 La Grande Annee transports you back in time to that exceptional harvest season. An intense bouquet of freshly baked bread with a touch of toasted almonds envelops your senses at first sniff and is later supported by luscious primary fruits reminiscent of spiced apples and pears.

One sip of this stunning vintage and you are instantly charmed by its bold acidity and racy minerality, notably attributed to the cooler climate preferred by Chardonnay. This perfect symbiosis between firm structure and refreshing delicacy, is testament to Bollinger's mastery over blending.


A Toast to Its Resounding Success

The prestige of the 1996 La Grande Annee from Bollinger is amplified by its age-worthiness, making it not just a pleasurable indulgence for champagne enthusiasts, but also a brilliant investment opportunity for discerning wine investors. Its charm lies not merely in its luxurious persona, but also in its testament of an extraordinary vintage year that produced a spirited champagne like no other.

Endowed with character and longevity, the 1996 La Grande Annee remains steadfastly unchanged over decades while concurrently gaining additional complexity, promising enjoyment in years to come and serving as an emblem of history that continues to echo within each effervescent bubble.

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