Bollinger   La Grande Annee

2004 La Grande Annee

By Bollinger

2004 La Grande Annee by Bollinger

In the illustrious realm of fine Champagne, few offerings capture the style and finesse as profoundly as the 2004 La Grande Annee from Bollinger. 2004 was, indeed, an extraordinary vintage - a year that gifted us with a sublime balance of depth and precision.


Exhibiting Radiant Complexity

The 2004 La Grande Annee is a testament to Bollinger's commitment to superior craftsmanship. Its nose instantly reminds one why this Champagne house is held in such high esteem, offering an aromatic broth of baked apple, toasted almond, honeycomb, and compelling mineral undertones-a truly investable experience for the connoisseur.

The palate, equally complex and enchanting, brims with flavours of candied lemon, fresh apricots, and warm brioche. Yet, the true character of this vintage lies in its unique balance - a symbiotic dance of lively acidity and opulent full-bodied texture giving way to an elegant grand finale.


Intrepid Influence of the Year

2004 was a hallmark year for Champagne -a blend of patient aging and favourable seasonal nuances that sparked to life under Bollinger's deft touch. The weather was exceptional; a gentle winter and early spring allowing for perfect flowering which heralded a plentiful harvest. A particularly cool August gave room for slow maturation of the grapes resulting in a perfect balance between sugar and acidity -perfectly exemplified in this beautiful iteration of La Grande Annee.

With each sip of this brilliant golden liquid comes a journey through time and terroir. This expressive aggregation of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay is an ode to the magic that can be produced under just right climatic conditions paired with unwavering dedication to authenticity. An impeccable choice for any serious wine investment portfolio.

In summary, the 2004 La Grande Annee from Bollinger is not merely just another splendid offering from an esteemed Champagne house but rather a vivid portrayal of a remarkable year encased in a bottle - each sip an investment into timeless elegance, refinement, and uncompromising quality.

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The 2004 Grande Année Brut was disgorged in November 2013 and offers a clear, very refined, and complex though still closed bouquet with fruity aromas of fresh and stewed apples, yellow grapefruit, kaki, walnuts, tobacco, herbal tea, nougat and spicy flavors; everything is discreet here, subtle, perfectly melted together and smoky, very smoky. On the palate, this Pinot Noir/Chardonnay blend wine is highly complex and elegant, firmly structured and quite long. This is an excellent Champagne.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 29 October 2015

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