Bollinger   La Grande Annee

2005 La Grande Annee

By Bollinger

The 2005 La Grande Année from Bollinger

The year of 2005 bestowed the world with a wine that effortlessly embodies the spirit of adroit craftsmanship and exemplary winemaking traditions — the inimitable 2005 La Grande Année from Bollinger. This unique vintage effectively captured the essence of the climatic nuances of this year, a compelling exhibit of a classically warm summer followed by a refreshing coolness later in the season.


Impression of Magnificence from the Aisles of Champagne

Bollinger, a name deeply entrenched in the wine connoisseur's lexicon, went beyond their usual exemplary standards with their 2005 La Grande Année. The vintage reflects an array of complex tasting notes, a mark of seasoned understanding of the winemaking craft and a testament to Bollinger's continued pursuit of perfection.

The Champagne exudes a harmonious interplay between enticingly ripe fruit flavors and an immaculate freshness, revealing undertones of toasted almonds, honey and English custard. This symphony of flavors is cradled within an elegant acidity, ensuring each sip leaves behind an enchanting afterthought.


Investment Potential: As Exemplary as its Taste

Pinpointing sublime vintages that stand apart from their peers is not just for hedonic satisfaction but also for prudent investors keen on diversifying their portfolios. In this realm, the 2005 La Grande Année from Bollinger creates an avenue for robust ROI potential.

This particular vintage has proven to be not just a sensational sip but also a sound investment, showcasing impressive value appreciation over time. It is unquestionably one of the most strategically astute additions to an investor's cellar.


Concluding Notes: Elegance Personified

To summarise, the 2005 La Grande Année from Bollinger is a fascinating expression of nature and nurture intertwined - an embodiment of exceptional climatic conditions married with superior winemaking finesse. Each sip relays its individual story for those willing to listen - a story based on elegance, quality and potential investment return. Truly, 2005 was indeed La Grande Année - a grand year in every sense.

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Bollinger's 2005 La Grande Année is a classical but comparatively precocious rendition of this cuvée that's already drinking well, offering up aromas of honeyed yellow apples, dried white flowers, English walnuts, praline and tea leaves. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, broad and vinous, with a fine mousse, ripe acids and a dry, richly saline finish. It was disgorged with six grams per liter dosage after more than nine years sur lattes. While this isn't a historic vintage for Bollinger—or for Champagne as a whole—it's a persuasive Grande Année that exemplifies the house style.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 29 March 2019

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