Bollinger   La Grande Annee

2006 La Grande Annee

By Bollinger

2006 La Grande Annee by Bollinger

Steeped in history and prestige, the 2006 La Grande Annee from Bollinger stands out from its brethren with its own distinct personality forged by the unique conditions of that year. This vintage has been delicately sculpted by the benevolent 2006 weather narrative possessing a blend of persistence, subtlety and depth that successfully reverberates the terroir specifics and nuances of this celebrated House.


Weather Whispers in the Bottle

The 2006 season, although gently marred by rain and humidity early on, progressed into a dry yet mild summer. This climatic code resulted in a healthy crop with perfect ripeness carrying undiluted vineyard narratives from the dense clay-rich Champagne soils into the heart of this remarkable vin de prestige.

The 2006 La Grande Année from Bollinger is a testament to meticulous selection, balancing 63% Pinot Noir and 37% Chardonnay grapes offering revelations of vibrant, evocative flavours in every sip.


An Investment in Refinement

This vintage enhances its unassailable position as a robust cornerstone in any strategic wine investment portfolio. The rare communion of stellar reputation, distinct vintage character combined with calculated winemaking results in an outstanding bottle whose value is destined to appreciate over time.

On the palate, this exquisite champagne reveals stunning layers of complexity; notes of pear, brioche and spices cradle refined toastiness derived from extensive lees ageing in small oak barrels. Its elegant mousse fills the mouth with persistent effervescence and harmonises with creamy textures before concluding with a lingering finish.


A Symphony of Bubbles

The 2006 La Grande Annee from Bollinger unravels an enchanting narrative tied to its vintage character. As years pass, its appeal heightens for discerning collectors seeing promising returns while hedging against market instabilities. Investable attributes harmoniously paired with its innate elegance create an irresistible allure that only bubbles from such a cherished House can echo.

An etch on the timeline of Bollinger’s legacy, the 2006 La Grande Annee marks a worthy candidate for your cellar or portfolio—a radiant symbol of nature's dance with expert craftsmanship.

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