Bollinger   La Grande Annee

2008 La Grande Annee

By Bollinger

2008 La Grande Annee from Bollinger

Enamour yourself with the mesmerising 2008 La Grande Année from Bollinger, a vintage recognized by oenophiles as a remarkable embodiment of pristine suitability for refined wine investment. Among the heralded select of Bollinger’s creations, this vintage sits prominently with a splendid persona that distinguishes it perceptibly from previous releases.


Distinctive Attributes and Gratifying Complexities

The essence that radiates through every sip of the 2008 La Grande Année from Bollinger is discerningly eclectic. Subtle whispers of vibrant orchard fruit, delicate traces of honeysuckle and almond interlace with an undercurrent of minerality, invoking a luxurious exploratory journey for your palate. Augmented by remarkable acidity and lively mousse, this vintage reveals several layers of gratifying complexities.

One of the true classic representations of avant-garde winemaking practices, this vintage leverages an ideal balance between Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes bred in an articulate way to preserve their enduring vigour in each bottle.


Vintage Brilliance of 2008

The year 2008 is fondly remembered in the Champagne region for its ideal climatic conditions - a combination of sun-kissed days and adequately chilling nights, crafting a delightful equilibrium allowing richness and minerality to thrive spectacularly. This splendid interplay finds its wondrous culmination in the 2008 La Grande Année from Bollinger.

The year rewarded Bollinger with an immaculate harvest, setting the stage for what would become one of the standout vintages within their extensive oeuvre - a wine perfectly poised for long-term cellaring yet retaining an approachability that endears it to novices and connoisseurs alike.

Pristine in its brilliance, fascinating in its complexity, and substantial in its durability, the 2008 La Grande Année by Bollinger is undeniably a magnificent specimen for those with a discerning eye for remarkable vintages and exceptional wine investment opportunities.

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Bollinger's 2008 La Grande Année is superb, wafting from the glass with aromas of crisp orchard fruit, ripe lemons, honeycomb, warm biscuits, dried white flowers and a delicate top note of walnuts and fino sherry. On the palate, the wine is full-bodied, broad and vinous, with a beautifully refined mousse, superb concentration at the tightly wound core, incisive acids and a supremely elegant intermingling of Bollinger's oxidative stylistic signatures with fresh, vibrant fruit. The finish is long, precise and chalky. This is a Grande Année built for the cellar—the real excitement will come with a bit more bottle age—but this is already a thrilling Champagne in the making. Finished with eight grams per liter dosage, it was disgorged by hand in July 2018. This is also the first vintage of Grande Année to be bottled in Bollinger's new narrower-necked 1846 bottle, which should make for a slower evolving wine.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 29 March 2019

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