Bollinger   La Grande Annee

2009 La Grande Annee

By Bollinger

2009 La Grande Annee by Bollinger

The outstanding 2009 La Grande Annee from Bollinger firmly stands as a beacon of that year's remarkable harvest. Tasting this exceptional Champagne evokes a trip back to the glorious summer of 2009, often hailed one of the most notable seasons for its consistent warmth, allowing the grapes to achieve optimal ripeness.


Nature's Bounty, A Champagne's Triumph

Subtle signs of the generous growing season emerge delicately as we delve into the nuanced complexities of this effervescent creation. The remarkable combination of richness and finesse encapsulates the vibrant energy exemplified by the grandeur of Bollinger's commitment to detail.

The 2009 La Grande Annee parades a panache unparalleled in Bollinger's repertoire. Who could resist the vivid chorus of ripe apples, toasted brioche, and exotic spices that elegantly unfurl with each sip? This is a celebration of the harmony between power and subtlety.


Nuanced Longevity, A Testament to Time

The balance and vitality championed in this vintage manifest an awe-inspiring longevity - a crucial factor in determining its potential value for fine wine enthusiasts passionate about wine investment.

In wielding the magic wand of time so effectively, Bollinger has bestowed upon us a wine that effortlessly fits into the narrative of legendary vintages. The 2009 La Grande Annee exhibits an array of ripe fruit flavours underpinned by a firm backbone of brilliant acidity, making it a testament to age-worthy prowess from a truly exceptional Champagne house.

From intriguing floral aromatics to an explosion of complex fruits on the palate that linger long after the last sip, this compelling offering paints an unforgettable image - one stitched together meticulously with unique threads from the tapestry of that grand year - 2009.

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