Bollinger   Vieilles Vignes Francaises

2006 Vieilles Vignes Francaises

By Bollinger

2006 Vieilles Vignes Francaises by Bollinger

The outstanding 2006 Vieilles Vignes Francaises from Bollinger is no stranger to the ambit of erudite enthusiasts. An alchemy of time-honoured tradition and the vagaries of Mother Nature asserts its uniqueness, converging within this distinctive vintage.


Breaking the Mould - An Uncommon Journey

From the revered terroirs of Champagne's imposing magnates, Bollinger's storied vines charted an uncommon journey in 2006. The climate of the year bore an oscillating narrative, tantalising with a mild winter before accelerating on a roller-coaster ride of scorching summer juxtaposed against unsettling hailstorms.

Yet, against what felt like quirky caprice emerged a resilient vintage - the 2006 Vieilles Vignes Francaises. Rising from adversity, it personifies tenacity embodied in every bottle, a testament to Bollinger's unwavering pursuit of brilliance.


Exquisite Complexity - A Tapestry of Tastes

The elegant potpourri of flavours endowed by these old vines quickly reveals itself in stark contrast to more adolescent assets within your investment. On tasting, you are initiated into a hidden world; intense golden hues pretext to fathomless depths beneath. An opulent medley unfurls unveiling ripe pear and honey with murmurs of fresh brioche crowning its crescendo.

The palate resonates with the visions of a seasoned navigator, your senses tracing undulating courses sketched by rivulets of delicate white peach and lingering crème brûlée. The silken persistence belies an exalted effervescence and acidity countering its voluptuous charm, etching this unique vintage into invaluable memories.

A stately composition beguiling in its allure and astonishing in its balance, the 2006 Vieilles Vignes Francaises from Bollinger embroiders an irreplaceable fragment into your connoisseurial voyage while promising shrewd appreciation in your esteemed portfolio.

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