Krug   Clos du Mesnil

1990 Clos du Mesnil

By Krug

1990 Clos du Mesnil from Krug

With the 1990 Clos du Mesnil from Krug we see an extraordinary champagne that effortlessly captures the essence of its remarkable vintage. This splendid year was marked by an obliging harmonious climate which blessed the vineyard with ideal conditions for nurturing fully ripened and finely balanced grapes.


Taste of elegance, the mirror of an exceptional vintage

The 1990 iteration appears to be ever-effervescent with life. This is a majestic display of how exceptional winemaking, when coupled with a resplendent vintage, can produce a champagne that astounded upon release and continues to astound three decades later.

Here, we find an enchanting thread of finely toasted grain which dissolves seamlessly into the expanse of richer honeyed notes. With nuances of stone fruit, ripe citrus and toasted brioche woven together in a remarkable balance of depth and elegance. This is truly a testament to the strength and resiliency of the very excellent 1990 vintage.


A gilded vintage, age-worthy investment

The weather for 1990 was predominantly warm, yielding gracious, forward champagnes for those who judiciously exercised patience in their winemaking practice. The fruit at Clos du Mesnil had an additional leisure in this year, as harvest delayed until early October, letting a gentle autumn dusk tame the vigorous summer warmth in the grapes.

This late harvest has rendered the 1990 Clos du Mesnil from Krug one of the most investment-attractive wines. With great age-worthiness combined with a bountiful palate and definitive class; This makes it alluring for both collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Finishing on grand notes of wild flower honey, candied lemon peel and mouthwatering minerality, this champagne remains firmly etched in memory long after it's enjoyed. An opulent testament to Krug's dedication to finesse and precision, the 1990 Clos du Mesnil demonstrates remarkable grace under the circumstances that define its cherished vintage.

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