Krug   Clos du Mesnil

2003 Clos du Mesnil

By Krug

2003 Clos du Mesnil from Krug

The 2003 vintage of the illustrious Clos du Mesnil from Krug tells a saga of paradox and perfection born out of adversity. The year 2003 was known for extreme weather conditions in the Champagne region, where scorching heatwaves gave way to dramatic unpredictability. But in this crucible of climate, Krug crafted a tale of resilience and ingenuity.


A Frontier for Oenophiles

The 2003 Clos du Mesnil, with its stunning complexity and startling longevity, represents an exceptional vintage for intrigued wine investors. The soaring temperatures of that year stressed the grapes, likewise intensifying their resulting expressions in the bottle. A potentially disastrous vintage instead becomes one of the most fascinating releases from Krug.


A Symphony of Flaunts and Surprises

The challenges of 2003 left an indelible imprint on this striking offering from one of the world’s finest houses. The Clos du Mesnil flaunts an unabashed maturity, presenting an intriguing tapestry of deeply toasted brioche entwined with rich honeyed almonds and bright, citrus highlights.

The 2003 harvest was one for the record books, which meant those vintners daring enough to stand by their grapes produced wines spectacular in their defiance against nature’s odds. This striking quality ensures the 2003 Ketra Clos du Mesnil stands out as a true collector's choice and an intriguing proposition for those engaged in strategic wine investment.


Challenging Terroir Sculpting Greatness

More so than any other vintage of the past two decades, it’s the sheer audacity of this wine that will live long in memory. A testament to Krug’s superior viticulture and astute cellaring practices, this exquisite wine should not be overlooked by collectors or investors seeking distinctive offerings from challenging vintages that thrive where lesser wines falter.

The enduring appeal of exceptional vintages that rise above nature's challenges is testament to both calibre and craftsmanship - qualities the 2003 Clos du Mesnil from Krug possesses in abundance. It serves as a remarkable chapter in winemaking history; an extraordinary vintage standing as a testament to human tenacity and mastery over nature's whimsy.

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