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1982 Krug

By Krug

1982 Krug from Krug

The 1982 Vintage is a remarkable expression of the time-honoured artistry of Krug. Bursting forth with spectacular complexity, this vintage provides an exceptional demonstration of the distinguished intricacy and expertise that sets Krug apart.


Delightful Discovery in Every Drop

What sets the 1982 Krug apart from other vintages is its surprising freshness, a testament to the exceptional year. Bearing all the hallmarks of a sweltering hot summer, this champagne lends a delightful twist to the genre, intermingling elements of zesty citrus and delicate white flower aromas.

Undeniably luxurious, every glass poured reveals an exquisite amalgamation of honeyed dried fruit and roasted almonds; these harmonise perfectly with notes of caramel and toffee to create an elegant ensemble rich with aromatic depth.


Investable Value in Vinous Form

The 1982 Vintage speaks volumes about not just the prowess of Krug but also the resilience and staying power of great champagne. As each cork is popped, what you experience is not just champagne but nearly four decades' worth of mastery in viticulture and vinification. And therein lies its investment value.

Investors seeking to make gains from fine wines need look no further than this vintage; its rarity, coupled with its standing in the world of elite champagnes, makes the 1982 Krug an ideal choice for those looking to include vintage champagne in their portfolio.


An Immortal Vintage

The grande finale offers generously toasted flavours balanced with bright and impressive acidity. The remarkable freshness is reminiscent of a younger champagne, making it a splendid accompaniment for a variety of dishes from lobster bisque to truffle-infused risotto. Its everlasting vivacity makes this not just an outstanding champagne from 1982 but a timeless classic.

Overall, there can be little debate about the uniqueness and the eminence of the 1982 Krug from Krug. Resoundingly rich and enormously elegant - it truly is a vintage without parallel. For investors and connoisseurs alike, this is one fine wine that needs no further justification for its worth or its beauty.

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