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1985 Krug

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1985 Krug from Krug

Thirty plus years in the making, the 1985 Krug from Krug is a hedonistic masterpiece that showcases the exemplary craftsmanship of this prestigious champagne house. Blessed with an exceptionally warm growing season, the 1985 vintage is renowned for its richly concentrated flavours and impressive longevity - qualities that are readily apparent in every sip of this magnetic bubbly.


A window into a bygone era

The very mention of Krug's 1985 vintage transports one back to a remarkable climatic year. The summer was marked by ample sunshine and just enough rainfall to promote ideal ripening conditions. It was a near-perfect growing season, setting the stage for an exceptional harvest - the results of which are clearly manifested in this esteemed vintage champagne.

On tasting, the 1985 Krug unravels an intricate tapestry of roasted nut, dried fruit and delicate spice nuances on the nose - a prelude to its opulent taste profile. The palate surges with densely woven layers of lemon curd, ripe peach and toasted brioche, underpinned by a riveting acidity that provides balance amidst unabashed richness.


The inherent worth: valuation and investability

Central to its charm is the remarkable longevity of the 1985 Krug. Even after all these years, it remains a paragon of grace and complexity, promising to thrive in the cellar for years to come. This quality underscores its potential as an investment wine. With age, it has only become more cherished, attesting to its appeal among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

The 1985 Krug from Krug is indeed an extraordinary specimen that aptly represents the elegance and finesse of this storied Maison. Compelling in its myriad expressions of luxury and artistry, it offers an unrivalled drinking experience - making it a worthy addition to any sophisticated portfolio.

In its ethos and execution, the 1985 Krug epitomises truly great champagne production - a captivating journey from vineyard to bottle. Its structured complexity and ravishing depth make it an estamable tribute to an exceptional year in Champagne's climatic history.

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