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1988 Krug from Krug

The 1988 Krug from Krug propels you immediately into a dimension where every scent, taste and texture is dramatically intensified. The meteorological factors of 1988 played a significant role in the meticulous formulation of this nectar. Termed as 'classic autumn', this year subjected the grapevines to unanticipated atmospheric pressures. While these challenges often spell doom for many wineries, Krug's craftsmen skilfully harnessed the energy into reinforcing maturity, complexity and potency of their produce.


A confluence of contradictions

The 1988 Krug stunned many upon its release with its audacious blend of youthful vitality juxtaposed against impressive maturity. Yet, it is this very clash that harmoniously transformed into a complex, fascinating arrangement that delights the palate with a panoply of spectacular flavours.

The sensory expedition begins with a delicate whiff of unanticipated freshness, accompanied by hints of citrus and white flowers. It progressively evolves on the palate with intricate layers of honey, cocoa and toasted nuts; surprising for their persistence, yet pleasing in their intensity.


Intriguing, Intense, Inviting - An Investment

Against the backdrop of an ever-evolving wine world where novelty often reigns supreme, the 1988 Krug boldly stands its ground as one of the most revered champagnes to grace the globe. It offers an intriguing array of affectations that are at once dazzling yet captivatingly subtle.

Wine connoisseurs have deemed it a privilege to let the liquid gold trickle onto their palate while investors regard the acquisition of a bottle like seizing an invaluable artifact that only appreciates over time. Therefore, for those poised on expanding their portfolio or seeking new tasting conquests, this gem requires a closer look.

Indeed, investing in fine wines such as the 1988 Krug is bound to offer tangible returns; but perhaps more intriguingly, it delivers an exceptional sensory journey; an exploration shared and cherished by astute wine collectors and connoisseurs worldwide.

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Krug's 1988 Brut has long numbered among my very favorite vintages for this house, with the best bottles flirting with a three-digit score. Offering up complex aromas of apricot, citrus oil, candied peal, toasted brioche and honeycomb, it's full-bodied, concentrated and incisive, with a deep, layered and tightly wound core, racy acids and a searingly chalky finish. If on release the 1988 got less attention than the more immediate, head-turning 1990 and 1989 vintages, with time it is proving itself the most serious of those three consecutive releases.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 16 July 2020

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