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1995 Krug

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1995 Krug from Krug: A Vintage to Remember

The 1995 vintage of this esteemed champagne, the Krug from Krug, sets itself apart from its forebears with an exemplary character that speaks volumes about the climatic conditions of the year. The mastery of the Krug producer elevates this blend, setting a gold standard for collectors and enthusiasts alike.


Quality in Each Bubble

1995 was a year marked by a wildly fluctuating climate - initially cold and dry, followed by an atypical heat in late summer. The unique conditions challenged Krug's cellar masters, making the resulting 1995 Krug all the more impressive.

In true Krug style, this prestigious cuvée delivers an unforgettable taste experience; its beautifully balanced structure and lasting intensity are just a few of the reasons why it is so cherished among investors and collectors.


Investing for Pleasure and Profit

The 1995 vintage encapsulates decades of winemaking tradition, with nuanced complexity and class that exudes through every golden drop. It can indeed be an unregrettable investment target for connoisseurs who appreciate its remarkable depth and longevity. With age, this wine reveals more copious layers of flavour yet retains its inviting freshness — a testament to its intrinsic value.

Meticulous attention to detail is evident in every sip, presenting notes of honeyed winter fruits that evolve into a symphony of spices on the palate - a sensuous dance between opulence and vibrancy. Its inherent grace and delicate mousse render it one of the standouts of the decade. Its journey from spirited youthfulness to mature prestige makes it an incomparable asset in any oenophile's wine investment portfolio.


A Creation of Time and Terroir

The hardiness of the 1995 Krug bears witness to the tougher conditions of the year, and thus offers investors not only just an exceptional indulgence but also a testament to time, terroir, and tireless dedication.

A bottle uncorked today transports you back to those diverse climates and ultimately culminates in a crescendo that embodies both triumph and timelessness. That's why, when one considers fine wine investments like the 1995 Krug from Krug — it's about more than just financial returns; it is appreciating history in a glass.

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