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1996 Krug

By Krug

1996 Krug from Krug

An opulent masterpiece that perfectly attests to the lineage of quality in the house of Krug, the 1996 Krug echoes grandeur and is unparalleled in its poise. This pioneering champagne house has produced one remarkable saga after another, with our vintage in question, each bottle boldly affirming its distinguished statement in the world of fine wines.


Vintage Victory, a Wine Investment Triumph

The 1996 growing season proved to be a gift from Mother Nature herself. With an oddly seamless fluctuation of hot summer days and cold summer nights, the harvest bore grapes with optimal balance of high sugar and acidity levels. This distinct feature gleefully manifests in the taste profile of the 1996 Krug.

As one samples this divine delight, they are greeted by citrusy undernotes reminiscent of lemon and grapefruit which slowly makes way for robust elements of toasted almonds, honey and marzipan. This is enveloped by an additional veil of complex, secondary aromatic profiles including coffee and loamy earth.


The Awe-Inspiring Alchemy of 1996 Krug

But what particularly sets the 1996 Krug from Krug apart from its fellow vintages is its paradoxical combination of power and finesse. Despite its admirably high acidity - a testament to that quirky summer of '96 - it presents an astonishingly opulent taste profile. Its audacious complexity is beautifully balanced by an impressive lightness of touch - a wine investor's dream.

Ripened fruits, almond and gingerbread harmoniously weave their way around lively zest and minerality, proving to be a rich tapestry truly emblematic of the 1996 Krug's distinctiveness.

This generous blend paints not mere flavours on the palate but rather vibrant brush strokes; bold yet delicately interwoven elements wrapping up in one incredible crescendo.

In simpler terms, the 1996 Krug from Krug is a gift that unfolds with each passing sip; steadfastly light yet lingering on your palate with joyous elegance, creating a sensational vinous symphony. It promises to take any discerning connoisseur or fine wine investor on a transformative journey through time, assuring them that their faith in this noble pour was indeed well placed.

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