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1998 Krug

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1998 Krug by Krug

The discerning world of wine has seen few vintages with the nuanced elegance and complexity comparable to that of the 1998 Krug from Krug. For those enraptured by the artistry and investment opportunities embodied within a truly legendary bottle, this is one vintage you cannot overlook.


The Stardusted Elegance of the '98

In the theatre of wine, few acts have been as memorable as the performance given by the 1998 Krug. Its arrival on stage was heralded by a chorus of ample spring frost, promoting a late bud break, which foreshadowed its heart-warming resolution. Then followed an observably humid summer shot-through with sporadic bursts of heat but ultimately tempered by lightning-filled August nights. This climatic opus allowed grape maturity to develop slowly yet steadily, forging an underbody of extraordinary layers.


Investment Quality Matures with Age

Elegance was the prevailing motif for the 1998 Krug from Krug - a theme that turned this vintage into an admirable asset patiently recruiting compounding returns in wine cellars worldwide. A tasting reveals an intricate body swathing the palate in choreographed fireworks of vibrant citrus fruits and toasted bread undertones against a backdrop of poised minerality.


The Noted Crescendo of Complexity

One is hard-pressed to ignore the balletic grace wrapped up in each sip of the 1998 Krug. The wine exudes waves of intricacy that playfully jostle around a rigorous structure. Characterised by lush apple and candied lemon peel flavours, accentuated with muted undertones of pear and sweet pastry, it patrols the tightrope between richness and freshness with enviable poise.

In conclusion, the 1998 Krug from Krug is an extent portfolio cornerstone - resolute yet dynamic, tenaciously consistent yet offering an adventure in every glass. A wine worth all invested appreciation. Experience for yourself how time's unhurried hand has cradled this celebrated vintage, investable elegance matured to perfection.

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