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2000 Krug

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2000 Krug from Krug

Diving into the luxurious world of Champagne, the 2000 Krug from Krug stands as an exceptional testament to the remarkable nature of millennial vintages. Grown under a rather challenging weather cycle, with swings from rainy spells to scorching spells, the year 2000 stands out for its mildew pressure and precisely why the Krug's deft hands are applauded for such an distinguished creation.


Unique and Bold, a Priceless Champagne

The breathtaking 2000 Krug from Krug is a beacon demonstrating how weather adversities can culminate in unique excellences. This vintage diverges from regular renditions under the same label, its character sculpted by Nature's capricious brush strokes.

As the bubbly elixir dances on the palate, one discovers intricate layers of fresh crispy fruits, punctuated by nuts and spices, complemented by a beautifully sustained freshness. Tasting notes reveal subtle hints of honey, grapefruit and brioche interlacing perfectly to give the vintage its rich complexity.


Turning Turmoil into Grandeur

The year 2000 is marked with tumultuous climate alterations - but as they say - adversity often breeds brilliance. The Y2K vintage bears these challenging traces with triumphant grace. As such, every sip offers an enigmatic reflection of that season.

This Champagne commands attention, not just as a toast to celebratory occasions, but also as an insightful chronicle of climatic narratives and winemaking acumen.

Offering an exciting balance between vibrancy and complexity, it truly is a remarkable culmination of layers that unfold as you let it breathe — an embodiment of how vintage diversity can bring forth unexpected pleasures. A retrospective sip indeed, transports you back to those years and leaves you with an enriched sensual memory worth revisiting.

The 2000 Krug from Krug reflects hedonistic grandeur; it's no wonder intelligent wine investors consider this an admirable addition to their collection - dignified yet approachable. Such exquisite subtlety coupled with depth makes this bubbly expression a wine connoisseur's delight.

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