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2002 Krug

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2002 Krug from Maison Krug

If ever Champagne has seized a year with both hands, it is the 2002 Krug from Maison Krug. This offering stands tall in the illustrious lineage of this eminent House, bearing its distinct magic amidst unique vintage nuances.


The wine: A journey through time and taste

The 2002 Krug is not merely a champagne. It is a voyage through time, unearthing evolving layers of grace, longevity, and depth married to extraordinary finesse. A captivating aromatic harmony unfolds from the glass, whispering of floral poetry, brittle biscuit-like crispness, and audacious citrus underpinned with exquisite notes of honey.

Bracing acidity embraces sumptuous fruit, vividly illustrating the perfect partnership that defines this vintage. Such duality presents an intriguing spectrum for potential wine investing consideration.


Terroir talks: The idyllic climate of 2002

The special characteristics of the 2002 vintage that mark it apart are indelibly imprinted on each Krug bottle. The quintessentially perfect Champagne weather elucidates the meticulous artistry behind Krug’s famed precision. The stunning equilibrium between warmth and rainfall resulted in grapes expressing unrivalled ripeness and sublime aromatic richness.

The beautifully compliant climatic tapestry gave vintners an optimum palette with which to work, ensuring a highly investable proposition for discerning connoisseurs.


Well-aged Wisdom: The decision to delay

Extending an ode to patience and wisdom, the 2002 Krug wasn't released until after the 2003. Maison Krug's prescient decision underscored their commitment to perfect maturation which significantly enhanced the appeal for serious fine wine investors seeking opportunities in aged bubblies.

In conclusion, 2002 Krug dazzles with its distinct individuality yet fitting seamlessly into Maison Krug's illustrious legacy. Far beyond just its namesake prestige, it embodies an exceptional vintage profile, promising rewarding dividends in both sensory pleasure and investment potential alike.

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Krug's 2002 Brut (ID 415064 – disgorged IV/2015) has an intense citrus color and opens with a generous, intense yet fine and precise bouquet that indicates great depth and elegance. Red fruit flavors on the nose lead to a generously rich yet pure, highly refined and elegant palate, with lots of ripe cherry fruits and delicious yeasty flavors. This is a highly complex and tensioned but beautifully balanced 2002 with a charming dosage that gives perfect roundness. The finish, however, is clear, fresh and well-structured, if not taut, and very mineral. Tasted in Reims in April 2018.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 29 June 2018

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