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2004 Krug

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2004 Krug by Krug, Champagne

Few champagnes garner as much anticipation and adoration as the 2004 Krug from Krug. This vintage, even within the domain of Krug’s illustrious portfolio, has its own unique language. It is a testament to the influence of terroir, climate, and scrupulous production techniques on determining a vintage's distinctive character.


A Ballet of Flavours, A Testimony to Time

The 2004 Krug speaks volumes of that year’s balanced climate in Champagne. What sets this particular vintage apart is the harmonious dance of complexities unveiled as it matures. Opening a bottle now after 17 years reveals a wine gracefully moving from one act to another, demonstrating its increasing depth and finesse. The elegant play of Meyer lemon zest and toasted almond notes in its youth have evolved to include whispers of dried apricot and saffron, born from its time spent in Krug’s cellars.


A Wine Investment Par Excellence

Understanding what makes the 2004 Krug an intriguing fine wine investment requires an appreciation for both its scarcity and capacity for future growth. This champagne shows little sign of decline; it continues to mature, each passing year only adding to its intrigue and value. A carefully kept bottle of 2004 Krug is not merely a beverage; it's an asset that offers both sensual pleasure and financial return.


Culminating Symphony: The 2004 Vintage

With a symphony of flavors that crescendo with each sip, the 2004 Krug captures the quintessence of that year's weather pattern -benevolent warmth tempered by a timely rain just before the harvest- resulting in balanced grapes endowed with both concentration and freshness.

The sheer gastronomic versatility of this champagne also sets it apart. The palate offers a complex medley of baked orchard fruit seasoned with nuances of gingerbread and honey, underlined by an exquisite minerality that cleanses the palate, preparing it for another sip...or another bottle! This is what great Champagne is all about!

Indeed, as we raise a toast with the 2004 Krug by Krug today, it simultaneously reminds us of one perfect harvest season seventeen years ago while nodding towards an equally invigorating future. This isn't just an incredible champagne - it's an investment in pure hedonistic joy indefinitely extending into future pleasurable sips.

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Combining subtleness with complexity, the coolish Krug 2004 Brut opens with a highly elegant, fascinatingly clear, bright and refreshing bouquet of ripe (apple) fruits. Dense and round, with a delicate mineral soul, the pure but perfectly balanced 2004 reveals great finesse and weightless elegance with a long and round finish. This is a gorgeous Krug vintage that is 14 years old but still on the rise. Tasted from ID 316034 in New York in November 2018.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 30 November 2018

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