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2006 Krug

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2006 Krug by Krug, Champagne

True connoisseurs of fine wine need no introduction to the 2006 Krug from Krug, an exquisite articulation of the Champagne House's craftsmanship. This vintage emerges from a year marked by heat and complications, which brought out unexpected characteristics in the wine that thrill even the most discerning palates.


An investment in unparalleled taste

The 2006 vintage played truant with climatic patterns, but Krug turned unpredictability to strength, crafting a blend that demonstrates their unrivalled skill in winemaking. Wide climate variations translated into a Champagne with an exotic, vibrant profile, amplifying its intrinsic value as an investment.

The wine unfolds on the palate with exquisite grace; it’s like listening to a symphony where each note is discernible yet harmoniously coalesces to create a grand opus. Palate-teasing hints of dried fruits intermingled with floral accents titivate your senses, while a hint of minerality lends a air of sophistication, characteristic of true Krug vintages.


Weathering adversity for an outstanding vintage

The weather conditions posed challenges in 2006 with searing summers and unpredictable harvest season. Yet Krug eyed these meteorological twists as moments of opportunity rather than hurdles.

The result? A Champagne imbued with profound complexity and daring vibrancy that sets it distinctly apart from its close cousins in the storied history of Krug.

A sip carries fragrant allusions of candied oranges, honey-spiced brioche and gingerbread commingled with refreshing Granny Smith apples; flavors that gradually unveil themselves in beautifully composed layers. This distinct profile establishes the 2006 Krug as an unexpected, yet rewarding venture for the polished wine investor.

The 2006 Krug, much like its esteemed producer, does not yield to climatic adversities. Instead it harnesses them to craft an investment-worthy Champagne that sings an aria celebrating the triumph over obstacles - a rhythmic spectacle of notes narrating the tale of an exceptional year.

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As I reported when it was released, Krug's 2006 Brut is clearly one of the vintage's highlights. Offering up aromas of dried fruits, pear, freshly baked bread, caramelized apples, honeycomb and toasted sourdough, it's full-bodied, deep and layered, with superb concentration, racy acids and an impressively tightly wound profile for this demonstrative vintage. I observed last year that this is surprisingly reserved for the vintage, and if anything, that quality is even more in evidence today. While many 2006 Champagnes are likely to be at their best in their demonstrative youth, this is one wine unquestionably built for the long haul.

William Kelley - The Wine Advocate, 17 September 2020

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