Louis Roederer   Cristal Rose

1990 Cristal Rose

By Louis Roederer

1990 Cristal Rose from Louis Roederer

Heralding from an incredibly favoured year that lent a distinctive character to the wines produced, the 1990 Cristal Rose from Louis Roederer is a fascinatingly complex ensemble imbued with the nuances of its vintage. The 1990 vintage significantly stands out amongst the lineage of Cristal Rose for good reasons - histrionic climatic conditions, remarkably sunny summer followed by optimal harvest time, all contributed to the rare features of this iconic champagne.


Remarkable vintage, investment-worthy treasure

In the context of wine investments, the 1990 Cristal Rose’s uniquely resplendent flavours and alluring depth have made it an ideal candidate. A blend of 'Pinot Noir' and 'Chardonnay', brimming with authority and finesse, it encapsulates the producer's masterful winemaking skills, further amplifying its value as an investment piece.

The bouquet reveals itself elegantly with notes of ripe berries and citrus zest creating an intense yet balanced palate. It dances gracefully around a gorgeous minerality that pays tribute to Louis Roederer’s consummate attention to detail and their relationship with their terroir.


Benevolent weather, splendid wine

The year 1990 gifted Champagne with superb grapes to thrive on, helped by a warm spring and sunshine-drenched summer that paved the path for an effortless ripening period. This fortuitously crafted a symphony of pure fruit expressions in the 1990 Cristal Rose as well as set an incredible tone for its longevity.

Fruit-forward and unapologetically captivating, this champagne showcases hints of peaches gently mingling with raspberry undercurrents. Flavour notes akin to these form the very heart of this vintage— expressing a bold depth, balanced acidity, and an inimitable finesse.

The 1990 Cristal Rose from Louis Roederer is indeed an embodiment of its grand vintage - a performance resonating with power and subtlety painted onto the palates that taste it. Each sip invites you to revel in what is one of the most distinguished Rosé vintages in history - earning its rightful place in any sanguine wine investor’s portfolio.

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