Louis Roederer   Cristal Rose

2004 Cristal Rose

By Louis Roederer

2004 Cristal Rosé from Louis Roederer

When it comes to champagne greatness, few can stand shoulder to shoulder with the 2004 Cristal Rose from Louis Roederer. This vintage stands as a remarkable testament to an exceptional year and is particularly loved by those who have an eye for refined nuances.


Unfolding complexity, a treasured investment

The masterful composition of 70% Pinot noir from the vineyard of Cote aux Enfants, in the heart of Aÿ, and 30% Chardonnay born from Louis Roederer's oldest vineyards, unfolds in a unique interaction between grape and terroir in the 2004 Cristal Rose. The alluring vintage embodies the distinct characteristics that only a good year in Champagne can yield; a stunning harmony of maturity and vibrancy.

The moment you break its seal, your senses are flooded with tantalizing layers of wild strawberries and hints of orange peel intertwined with subtle toasty notes. It bursts in the mouth into a beautiful symphony of flavors, bold yet restrained by its characteristic minerality. Much like an epic novel that you never wish to end.


A glorious year for Champagne

A product of the wonderful climatic conditions that blessed Champagne in 2004, this Louis Roederer enigma experienced a long growing season combined with plentiful sunshine. The impact? Unparalleled elegance and an ideal balance between acidity and sugar content.

This pronounced complexity is then laced with a silent power; a serene strength that only emerges after being cellar aged. The seductive whispers of dark berry fruit notes juxtaposed against the crystalline finish will leave you appreciating the true value of patience.

This combination of subtlety, depth, strength, and lasting potential makes the 2004 Cristal Rose from Louis Roederer an ideal candidate for savvy wine investment portfolios looking for undisputed classics. The tantalising promise of this luxury champagne is what makes it not just a merely good investment but an experience worth ensnaring.

As each cork is popped open, the 2004 Cristal Rose from Louis Roederer continues to narrate its journey from vineyard to flute and proves once again why it is one of the finest champagnes in history.

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With red berry and currant aromas on the pure and salty, complex and delicately vinous nose, the 2004 Cristal Rosé is a juicy but structured, vibrantly fresh and energetic cuvée with very fine tannins, great lightness, finesse and elegance. Tasted in New York, November 2018.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 30 November 2018

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