Louis Roederer   Cristal Rose

2006 Cristal Rose

By Louis Roederer

2006 Cristal Rose by Louis Roederer

The 2006 Cristal Rose from Louis Roederer emanates pure fascination, marrying the vintage's characteristic vivacity with this producer's lauded meticulousness. Embodying an ode to Champagne's distinguished terroir, the 2006 vintage bears an exquisite testimony to the climatic rhythm that year.


Exquisite Encounter: Palate and Vintage

Rich in narrative, this unique vintage reveals the choreography of a sun-drenched summer followed by a cool September, culminating in a stunning harvest. The end result is a tantalising dance between structure and freshness; tasting it is rather like stepping into a dialogue between the year’s climatic performance and the winemaker’s intricate response.

The 2006 Cristal Rose captures the character of its year beautifully. Its impressive aromatic complexity is punctuated by the mellow ripeness of fruits, intriguing hints of cocoa, and an undercurrent of juicy red berries - all whispers of the copious sunshine during the crucial ripening period.


An Investment in Time: The 2006 Vintage

The world of fine wine investing is fascinatingly intertwined with nature’s own investment - time. The unique climatic conditions reshaped what was foreseen for 2006 into what we now have: a magnificent vintage led by character and capped by potential for growth. The journey from vine to bottle translated into exceptional promise for investors who recognise worth beyond superficial yearly fluctuations.

Impressively rich, yet impressively maintained vibrancy makes the 2006 Cristal Rose a testament to its excellent vintage year. Displaying a bold yet elegant character on release, this champagne has aged splendidly, gracing it with even more compelling facets over the years.


A Legacy for your Portfolio

In essence, investing in the 2006 Cristal Rose from Louis Roederer is like partaking in a scintillating tale spun by nature herself, scripted by skilled hands and bound within a bottle. As these wines continue their majestic evolution within their crystal havens, their intrinsic value as investment pieces multiplies commensurately.

This champagne serves as a vivid reminder that wine investment is not merely about monetary appreciation, but an appreciation for the harmony between nature’s whims, human endeavour and time itself.

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The 2006 Cristal Rosé ages slower than the corresponding white Cristal and opens with very delicate red berry aromas on the deep and vinous nose. Highly delicate and elegant on the palate, this is a deep, dense, rich, chalky and pretty Burgundian rosé with juicy fruit and very fine tannins. Very long but always highly delicate. A gorgeous Cristal! Tasted in New York, November 2018.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 30 November 2018

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