Louis Roederer   Cristal Rose

2009 Cristal Rose

By Louis Roederer

2009 Cristal Rosé from Louis Roederer

The 2009 Cristal Rosé from Louis Roederer etches a mark of indelible sophistication in the rosé canon. With every vintage, the house of Louis Roederer has bourgeoned in finesse, upholding a consistent lineage of excellence, and the 2009 continues to wield its unique splendour, justifying its weighty expectation.


A Vintage of Distinction

The 2009 vintage was adorned with favourable climatic conditions, allowing for an ample embodiment of Charles-Camille Heidsieck’s champagne mastery in every drop. The growing period was distinctly tepid yet balanced by well-regulated temperatures that led to a steady ripening process for the grapes.

Inherent to its year, the 2009 Cristal Rosé showcases restraint and complexity on the nose. Interlacing aromas envisaging a bouquet of fresh red summer fruits with nuances of sweet pastries materialise prominently, reflecting the maturity and sun-infused character of this distinguished vintage.


Harmonious Symmetry: An Eminent Investment Option

Persistence is the mantra for the 2009 Cristal Rosé. On the palate, it offers a balance between concentrated fruitiness and invigorating freshness. It unravels layers of ripe red fruit intertwined with chalky mineral texture, leading it to an astonishingly prolonged finish, a signature trait coveted by many wine connoisseurs.

The 2009 vintage's distinct attributes position this Rosé from Louis Roederer amongst prime investment options. Mirroring years of tradition in champagne crafting prowess makes it a wise selection for wine enthusiasts looking to appreciate or invest in an eminent label.


Closing Comments

So here we have it - the resplendence of the 2009 vintage captured brilliantly within each bottle of Cristal Rosé from Louis Roederer. Its intricate balance between ripeness and freshness, along with the excellent length on the palate, makes it stand out as an invaluable gem from the esteemed cellars of Louis Roederer.

Investment-wise, it serves as a robust portfolio addition promising potential value appreciation over time. The adroit assemblage combined with an illustrious year elevates the 2009 Cristal Rosé not merely as an exquisite champagne but a noteworthy wine investment opportunity. Delve into the bottle rich in history and grandeur; a testament to all that embodies Louis Roederer's famed winemaking savoir-faire.

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The 2009 Cristal Rosé is a rich and intense expression of Roederer's Cristal. Due to roughly 55% of old-vines Pinot Noir from Aÿ's calcareous clay soils and the sunny vintage, it has super luscious fruit with a velvety, caressing and powdery-chalky texture and great depth that gives it very good potential to age. There is also remarkable purity, finesse and tension in the energetic 2009, which cellar master Jean-Baptiste Lécaillon compares with the 2012 and the enchanting style of Vosne-Romannée. The 2009 Cristal Rosé is like a laser beam on the palate, very straight, sharp and precise yet elegant, intensely fruity and chalky. Very fine wild red fruit flavors feature on the nose, with crystalline freshness on the chalky palate. This is a gorgeous Cristal and another great 2009. In contrast to the 2009 white Cristal, the Rosé is perfect to drink now, perhaps only for a few months before it shuts down to start its real life in a couple of years. Tasted at the domaine in May 2018.

Stephan Reinhardt - The Wine Advocate, 18 June 2018

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