Philipponnat   Clos Goisses

1988 Clos Goisses

By Philipponnat

1988 Clos Goisses by Philipponnat, Champagne Region's Enigmatic Offering

An exquisite testament to the Champagne region's versatility and refinement, the 1988 Clos Goisses stands as a magnificent example of Philipponnat's virtuosity. Nested amongst the generous expanse of Philipponnat’s finest grand crus, the Clos Goisses vineyard produced a wine that not only captured the essence of its terroir, but also highlighted the producer’s proclivity for perfection.


An Oenophile's Dream Investment

To the seasoned investor, this Champagne offers a compelling narrative of unrivalled elegance and effortless sophistication. Born amidst a highly-regarded vintage year for French wines, this 1988 Clos Goisses from Philipponnat is a reflection of its era; a season of ample rainfall and warmth that translated into an abundance of healthy, mature grapes craving vinification.

Exuding complexity and depth, it presents a rich tapestry of aromatic treasures waiting to be unearthed. Fresh green apple mingles with delicate hints of honey-infused brioche to create a symphony of aromas on the nose. This accompanies an impressive palate brimming with seductive layers of ripe orchard fruits, interplayed by subtle impressions of freshly-buttered toast and vanilla.


Vintage Excellence with Unmistakable Provenance

The climatic conditions of 1988 were beneficial for all grape types planted in Champagne. The resultant Clos Goisses is a compelling blend representing peak ripeness with enthralling acidity; capturing the quintessence of both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varietals. The wine's brilliance is further accentuated by its remarkable cellar potential - a fundamental aspect in discerning an investable wine.

This 1988 Clos Goisses from Philipponnat distinguishes itself from its peers not just by its lofty provenance and vintage prestige, but through its enduring capacity to offer an enchantingly profound tasting experience decades after its birth. 

Philipponnat’s lauded legacy couples seamlessly with the Clos Goisses vineyard’s distinct terroir to deliver an outstanding Champagne from 1988; a well-crafted work of art that continues to captivate connoisseurs, defining itself as an exemplary investment opportunity amidst fine wines.

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